Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Leeds, England

22.4.08 Leeds, Englanti

Heräilin bunkasta ja oltiinkin saavuttu jo Leedsin kaupunkiin. Päätettiin lähteä kävelylle ja etsiä joku kiva ruokala. Päädyttiin paikalliseen kauppahalliin, jossa oli vaikka mitä. Päädyimme syömään perinteikästä kebab ruokaa. Oli vähän veto pois, joten hengailtiin takahuoneessa tietokoneiden kimpussa koko porukalla. Henrik teki Markon kanssa jonkun haastattelunkin. Keikka meni mukavasti ja porukka tykkäsi. Keikan jälkeen nautimme jälleen Jägeriä ja pitsaa..eli terveellisellä pohjalla on ruokavaliokin.

04/22/08 Leeds, England

When I woke up in my bunk we’d already arrived in city of Leeds. We decided to take a walk and find something to eat. After a while we ended up in a local market hall, filled with all kinds of stuff. Later we ate some traditional kebab before retiring to the backstage. The whole gang felt a bit tired so we just hung out in the venue with our laptops like true nerds. Henrik & Marko did some interview at some point. The show went pretty good and the crowd enjoyed themselves. Naturally we had some jäger and pizza after the show… as you can see we live quite healthy on the road.


Maria Celeste said...

How are you?

I am very happy....
You and the band started the tour again =)
Of course is great to read your blog again...
Nice blog, nice photos & nice comments about the tour!!!!!

Hugs & greetings...
All the best from Buenos Aires.

Maria Celeste

Marynarctica said...

Moi moi Elias!

I hope this new tour will as great as the others ! =) British are so lucky to be able to see you again ! :o

Keep on telling us what happen in the Sonata's life, it's very interesting (and fun!) \(^_^)/ !

Kisses from France !

NaSha said...

I would love so much to be following you guys in the touring :P I just don't stop thinking of how incredible the gig here In Argentina was. Please keep up the amazing work... Love, Lucía