Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Japanese Tour

Once again we had a nice time in Japan. The shows were amazing for us like usually. This time I got to taste Sushi as well in a traditional Japanese Restaurant in Tokyo..So, it wasn´t just Mc Donald´s or Hard Rock CafĂ© all the time..I did an interview for Young Guitar Magazine as well, so check it out, if you have the opportunity. We got also huge amount of gifts from the fans, thanks a lot! Arigato! See you next time!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Indonesia/ Taiwan/ China

The Jakarta show in Indonesia was unfortunately cancelled. Some of us went to the mall shopping and some of us just chilled at the hotel. There was a really nice restaurant and bar in the hotel and that suited us perfectly.

The Taipei show in Taiwan was sweet. The venue was really huge, awesome building. We had a meet and greet with the fans there and met some Finnish people who work there in Taiwan.

Next day we had a flight to Shanghai, China and had a show at the same day so it was really a long day for us, 22 hours or so...There seemed to be a problem with the drums, for example there was no ride symbal at all. But after half an hour someone had find that symbal and we were finally ready to go. We were a bit late but still. We met some fans after the show and everything worked pretty smoothly after all.

Brisbane/ Melbourne, Australia

Brisbane seemed to be a very cool city as well. We arrived there the day before the show so we had time to walk around. We had nice steak dinner at a very cool restaurant near the river. I also bought a black leather "bush hat" and have wore it since.

In Melbourne we went to the aquarium and saw penguins and tons of different fishes. Tony went on stage with Vanishing Point to sing one song with them. We had some fun time. We enjoyed Australia really much and we all are wishing to be able to go back there again.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Asian Tour 2010

Sydney, Australia

We played in Sydney on new year´s eve. We arrived the day before so we had some time to walk around the city. We got sun sunburned quite nicely so we bought some cool Australia caps...We went for a speed boat drive and that was really nice change for us. Ahti bought cool ice-cream as you see...Australia seems to be very cool place. Next we are heading to Brisbane. Stay tuned!