Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Last Amazing Grays US Tour w/ Dragon Force

The Last Amazing Grays US Tour w/ Dragon Force

Ensimmäinen Viikko (vko 38)

Aikaisin tiistai aamuna lähdettiin kohti Meksikoa. Ehdimme siis juuri pois "jaloista" ennen levyn julkaisua. The Days Of Grays albumi julkaistiin Suomessa seuraavana päivänä. Meksikossa vedettiin sisäfestarikeikka Monterreyssä. Paikalla oli myös muita Suomalaisia akteja, kuten Amorphis ja Children Of Bodom. Soitimme jo iltapäivästä ja jouduimme lähtemään lentokenttää kohti aikaslailla heti keikan jälkeen, joten ei ehditty paljoa rillutella poikain kanssa (mitä nyt vähän..)

Nokka kohti Kaliforniaa

Soitimme Kaliforniassa ensin yhden oman keikan Santa Anassa ennen Dragonforcen kiertueelle mukaan liittymistä. Galaxy Theatre oli paikkana tuttu entuudestaan. Seuraavana päivänä perjantaina soitimme Los Angelesin House Of Bluesissa ja lauantaina seurasi San Franciscon Regency Center. Hollywoodissa niinkuin Friscossakin ehdimme hieman jaloitella kylillä ja haistella paikallista ilmapiiriä. Kalifornian keikat menivät kyllä oikein malliikkaasti, mitä nyt pieni Jetlagi tahtoi puskea päälle.

Sunnuntaiksi bussimme oli yön aikana kuljettanut meidät Oregonin Portlandiin. Roseland Theatre oli keikkapaikkana tuttu viime syksyn Nightwish-kiertueeltamme. Pähkinänkuoressa uuden levyn kiertue on lähtenyt mallikkaasti käyntiin. Saimme uutisen, että The Days Of Grays ("T-DOG" kavereiden kesken) on myynyt Suomessa jo kultaa. Kiitos kaikille levyn ostaneille.

First week (week 38)

On Tuesday early in the morning we headed for Mexico. We nearly got out of the way when our new album "The Days Of Grays" was released on Wednesday in Finland. We had an indoors-festival show in Monterrey, Mexico. The were also such Finnish acts playing as Amorphis and Children Of Bodom. Our show was already in the afternoon and we had to leave straight away to the airport after the show, so we didn´t have the time to hung out with rest of the Finns. (well, of course a bit..)

Towards California

First when we arrived we had one own show in Santa Ana before we teamed up with Dragonforce. Galaxy Theatre was already familiar venue for us. On the following day on Friday we played at the House Of Blues in West Hollywood and then on Saturday at Regency Center in San Francisco. In Hollywood as well as in Frisco we had some time to walk around a bit and feel the local atmosphere. The shows in California went well even though I was suffering a bit from the Jetlag.

On Sunday we woke up in our bus from Portland, Oregon. We knew Roseland Theatre from our Nightwish tour last Fall. In a nut shell the tour has started pretty decent. We also got the news that our new album has reached gold in Finland already. Thank ou all who have purchased the cd.

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Rosie said...

Thanks for the update! I hope the beginning of this tour continues to get better. I'll see you all in Chicago and I can't wait to hear some of the new material, thanks for coming to the US and take care!

Paula said...

Yay, Sonata Arctica back on the road again!

Btw, I love your new album. Great, great, great! Can't wait to see you guys in November.

Take care and have fun :)

Breck said...


Thanks for the amazing show in Portland! We hope you and the guys have been enjoying the vodka we gave you! Please come back soon!

Breck, Andrew and Aletha

ULi said...

Hey Elias, nice to see you having fun in US.

Fans from Romania salute you!

P.S: The new album is a masterpiece, great job, guys. We're still waiting for your first concert in Romania, it's going to be a blast!

Wioletta said...

Wow, it's great to hear from you once again..
I've waited for this blog..
Thank you for doing it!

Kisses from Poland!

mirai_moon said...

Excellent :) !
Congratulations :D !!!

It will look forward in the future.

Woooow 8-> !
It is a wonderful photograph. Very Very Happy XD !
It looks forward to the blog and the photograph of the future very much :).

TBZK said...

I had an amazing time at the Galaxy Theatre!

Phew I almost thought no one was going to blog on this tour, haha. Thanks for the update!

Also, thanks for taking a picture with me when you guys were coming back from subway on Thursday! You all looked tired so I didn't chat with you all. Hopefully next time! And thanks for remembering to give me the guitar pick! I was amazed you remembered haha.

Well rock on and have fun the rest of the tour! I'll be reading all your blogs.

erin said...

^_^ you guys were amazing in hollywood, i also saw you w/ nightwish last fall and you are very worth seeing both times :] thanks for coming back! you guys rock!!! <3

Daniel said...

Saw you guys at the Commodore in Vancouver... was a good show :) At least while it lasted. I'll keep my eyes out in case you come this way again, maybe with a longer set... :D

Do get the sound engineers to let us hear the keyboards though! The mix didn't really do justice to your songs. But it was fun anyway!

Dea_al_Mon said...

I'm glad you decided to continue the tour diary! Thanks for an amazing show in Calgary, and I hope to see you in April. Enjoy the rest of the tour!

cristina said...

finally! my SA tourblog needs have been met. yay! thanks for the california shows :)

Leithinan said...

Meidänkin "kavereiden kesken" albumi on "T-DoG" :)
Kuulostaa varmaan aika tyhmältä kun minä sanon tämän, mutta tottahan se on!