Saturday, November 21, 2009

European Tour "Last Amazing Grays 2009"

European Tour "Last Amazing Grays 2009"

Nov 12.-21.


We had a such a good start to this tour with Delain and Winterborn. We played cool shows in The Czech, Slovakia and Serbia. And for the first time ever in Slovakia and Serbia, so it was really exiting for us. And the shows were super cool! You fans are awesome!

We got to Hungary and Tony was feeling a bit sick. It turned out that he had some problems with his throat and especially, his voice.. We had to cancel the two Austrian shows and the Munich show. It´s a pitty, but we will make it up to you, the fans. We promise.

We have now stayed at the same spa-hotel in Austria for three or four days and it´s starting to be really boring, Everything is really nice and even the sauna is...almost perfect..but it´s not funny to just lay down when there´s some work to be done. As you can see from the picture, the room of Marko and me is starting to be a "logistic nightmare" ;-). We just have to cope this situation. For one thing, I already know that Tony is feeling much better right now. Hope all works out well, we want to kick some ass!!


Felipe said...

its nice to hear that Tony is feeling better! it is also nice to see you g uys are trying hard to relax :P judging by the state of the room i can imagine how boring it must be.... watch some TV theres bound to be something on haha

Angéla said...

Hi Elias!

So glad to read another post on your blog, though you only wrote one sentence about Hungary, and it's a negative one. Well, no matter, I know you all enjoyed the gig. :) I'm also glad to hear that Tony is feeling better! Do you guys still have the little black sheep plushie I threw on the stage? If yes who is taking care of him? :D

Lukáš said...

Hope you guys come back in Czech Republic, especially to PRAHA real soon :-) You have a big audience here. ;-)

Companion Cube said...

Poor Tony! I hope he's back to normal soon!! : (

Hope you guys get to rocking it out again soon! ; D

mirai_moon said...

I was relieved to know the appearance where Tony was facing the recovery 8-> .
And, it hopes the thing whose you guys are the fine physical conditions :).
And, it hopes the thing that this tour makes it big safely :).

Paula said...

Oh, hola!

It's nice to know that the tour has gone well so far and, of course, it's nice to know that Tony is feeling much more better :)

But hey, you shouldn't feel bored... Four days in a spa-hotel without working must feel like holidays! But from what I see in the picture... you must be really bored, indeed. What the hell is lying in the bed? An Armchair? Omg... ;)

Anyway, I wish a fast recovery to Tony, and some entertainment to the bored ones.

See you in Barcelona!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear Tony's feeling better and that you're back on the road :)
Thanks for the show in Serbia! It was a flawless performance, possibly the best concert I've ever attended. Can't wait to see you on FME.
Take care,
-- Jelena

Danielle said...

Hi Elias :)

I'm glad that Tony is feeling better!!

haha, is that a chair on your bed? ;)

Well, give Tony a speed recovery hug from me ;) And see you guys in 3 weeks :)

Blossom said...

Hello Elias,
I am glad to hear that Tony is feeling much better.
I wish you every success in the European tour.
Keep up the good work!

See you in Japan on January 2010.

Best regards,

CC said...

we were really sorry for Tony that night, and proud of you all to make such an awesome concert to us, i couldn't even speak on the next day, we were screaming the songs that crazily w| you:) love from Hungary!!!!! see you soon!!!!:) all the best to YOU guys:D

Tanja said...

Thank you guys for the amazing show in Milan! You people simply outdo yourselves every time I see you!! And knowing that Tony was pretty ill just a couple of days earlier, his performance was even more amazing and appreciated. (The yoddeling cracked me up *lol*) You guys rock bigtime! See you next year in Austria and Metalcamp and ... :)
Take care,

Anonymous said...

What da hell is that sofa's doing on the bed? lol Marko seems very ashamed! And glad Tony's getting better. I was worried.