Thursday, May 8, 2008

Flight/ Amsterdam/ Helsinki

7.5.08 Lento/ Amsterdam/ Helsinki

Eipä ehtinyt paljoa viittä tuntia kauempaa nukkua, kun oli jo aika kerätä kimpsut ja kampsut ja lähteä ajamaan kohti Bukarestia. Lentoreitti oli käänteisesti sama kuin tullessa. Oli oikein onnistunut reissu. Pienoisesti oli raskaan oloinen tuo matkustus-osio, mutta keikka oli sen väärti. Kiitokset Bulgarialaisille lämpimästä vastaanotosta.

05/07/08 Flight/ Amsterdam/ Helsinki

I slept about 5 hours and it was time for a 5 hour bus drive to Bucharest. We flew to Helsinki via Amsterdam again. We had a really nice trip. The traveling was really long and tough this time, but the show was worth it. Thanks Bulgaria for the warm welcome!


Darren said...

Yay, the blog is back again! I have no idea why following your road adventures is so much fun--except that I love the music? :-)

That zeppelin is indeed pretty badass.

Marìa Celeste said...

Wowww...What can I say?
Great as always!!!!! =)
Hugs and greetings,

Maria (Bs.As)

Vagrand said...

Gracias por el concierto dado en chile, no se si podras leer este post sin problemas pero espero que tengan preesente que para nosotros los chilenos su visita a nuestro pais fue un gran honor, se les extrañaba aqui asi que esperamos poder verlos pronto de vuelta...

Espero que les este llendo bien en su gira y estamos esperando su disco nuevo...xD


Replica said...

You're very welcome! :) And I thank you for the great show and for the picture... and a very, very big thank you, all of you, for Replica. ;) I hope to see you guys soon again! :)

renatapetrelli said...

ELi!!! my dear friend!! so you finally come back to finland to get a rest! any more concert until wacken? well, of the pics,and yet about landscapes, i loved that one in dublin! really look like a nice place! well, take care eli!! a warm hug,


Night Hawk said...

Stopped by in Bucharest without staying a bit? Sigh... Hopefully I'll see a big announcement on the website: "Gig in Romania confirmed!!!". Until then, rock on!

Blacksong said...

Click ... click ... bang ... number one band!

santee said...

I MISS U FORROScome back

Shiesu said...

I love you guys!
I'm looking forward to your show on November 9th in Spain!
Spain wants more Sonata Arctica! You must came here more often! I would go to all the shows I could!
My best greetings, and I hope you all to read this and to feel all the love and admiration I send with this comment.
Sonata Arctica makes my life more nice ;)
Thank you for exist!