Monday, June 23, 2008

Flight/ Eindhoven/ The Netherlands

18.6.08 Lento/ Eindhoven, Hollanti

Aamusella lennettiin Saksaan, jossa meitä odotti keikkabussi. Hollannissa piti alunperin olla jotkut festarit, jotka sitten kuitenkin peruuntui. Meille oli järjestetty siten korvaava esiintyminen. Ehdittiin tehdä pikku lenkki keskustassa checkin jälkeen. Oikein mukavan oloinen paikka oli Eindhoven. Ja hirveästi polkupyöriä. Autot pysähtyivät suojateiden eteen aina. Pikkuisen erilailla, mitä Suomessa. No, kypäriä ei kuitenkaan näkynyt juuri yhdenkään pyöräilijän päässä. Keikka oli oikein mukava. Jotain teknistä oli mun toisessa langattomassa, mutta se on laiffia se. Keikan jälkeen tapasimme paikallisen fanikerhon porukkaa ja silleen. Kivaa!

06/18/08 Flight/ Eindhoven, The Netherlands

In the morning we flew to Germany and there was the bus waiting for us. There was supposed to be some Festival in The Netherlands but it was cancelled. So instead of that we had an indoor show. After the check we had some time to wonder around the city for a while. Eindhoven seemed to be really decent town. There were a lot of bikes, but no-one used helmets. The show went really well even though I had some problems with one of my wireless transmitters. That´s life..After the show we met some people from the local fan club and had a blast!


berto xxx said...

are you sure about that?

berto xxx

berto xxx said...

yeah! thats awsome!! i like it!

berto xxx

berto xxx said...

Having fun reading of your blog.

berto xxx

Maerko said...

You had a blast, we had a blast.... everybody was happy...
You played very well, although the quality of the boxes wasnt as good as your last show in Holland (tilburg)... but we had an awefull great time and you played very well :)

Now, my upper leg is red from drumming on it with a drum stick I cought from Tony's drumkit.

With the football thing: we lost, but well :( it was very funny to see you wearing orange hats :D

MarianaOzzy said...

I love your flog.

Thank you very much for show your photos, I enjoy them a lot!!!!

I love Sonata Arctica because you create wonderfull music and you are wonderfull people. The best band in my opinion.

Please come back to Argentina ,I miss you a lot!

LovelyLucy said...

No one ever wears helmets here. Guess it's because we ride our bikes before we can walk^^

That picture of you in the middle of aaaaall of that bikes is funny!

I liked the show. But as someone else already said; the sounds in tilburg were way better. Too bad for you guys.

See you in november! :)

Amusedoll said...

You guys are amazing Tony sounds like a war god.

Amusedoll said...

You guys are amazing Tony sounds like a god at war.

Maerko said...

Thats a pretty awesome description :D he does

sterretje2903 said...

A bit late, but I had you on your knees Elias! Whahahaha! As always the show was awsome, but you made us wait pretty long after the show ;)
See you in Utrecht!