Friday, October 22, 2010

Latin American Tour 2010


The tour just kicked off and well, and as usual, everything has been going really smoothly. The show in Mexico was a killer as usual. We´ve played there, I think, at least four times so we were excited about it.

After Mexico it was time to visit some new places. We didn´t know much what to expect. The shows in Guatemala, El Salvador and Venezuela turned out to be awesome! Between Guatemala and El Salvador we had a car transportation. So we had some sightseeing as well. And the fans are super! Thanks guys for making us so warmly welcomed.

So tonight we´ll have a show in Equador for the first time. I can´t wait to get on stage. The welcome here was a knock out!




Giliath said...

HOLA Elias, =)
hope you liked Venezuela.
It was a good surpise to see how nice you are, thanks for signing my poster at the airport, and I hope you liked the flag we made for you guys =).

I lived the time of my life last wednesday, thank you for that amazing show! You guys rocks!!

besos, =)

Kristian Marchena said...

OF course we had Gatorade, what do you spect from us???

Michelle said...

Thank you for posting videos! Now I feel a little bit better about having to wait so long for you guys to come to california again (^_^)v

A. Paulsen said...

Thanks for blogging again! I love it when you guys keep us posted on how things are going on the tours. Well, I think all the fans love it. :D It seems like it's all going well. I can't wait to see you in Sao Paulo next Saturday!

Johana Villamizar said...

Great concert the last 20/10/10 in Caracas Venezuela, I have no words to describe the wonderful show, I just want to come back to my country now your country... are a great band, talented musicians, and very charismatics.

I had not the opportunity to meet and take a picture with you, but i will always remember that concert and I'm very happy for that night so pretty.

From the bottom of my heart thanks for coming to Venezuela

With Love
Johanna V.

Tamara said...

ajajaj cool xD

Okami Ritsu said...

Terve Elias :3

Did I say that right? xD
"Hei" that's better... ok, I have no idea what I'm saying xD it's my first attempt ever at finnish... anyway...

I'm very glad your had is now ok, I was a bit concerned about how would you perform in México (I was a crazy girl in the crowd, do you remember me? Of course not °v°)

Still, your performance was great! but the audio was a bit weird D:
I couldn't hear you playing at times. That didn't stop you from playing perfect as usual :3

Well, that's just about it. I hope to see you guys soon again in México.

Ok ok, let me try it again xD...
Huolehtia! :3


Paula said...


It's nice to see you back in blogger again. And of course, it's also very nice to know that everything's going so good.

Enjoy the concerts and the stay in Latin America :)

R.o.Y said...

DUDE!!!!! I cant believe you were here in Venezuela!!! i totally missed you!! oh my god, when are you coming back!? i swear i'll buy 10 tickets just for me!!!! wow, bro, im so sad... =(

MajoScream said...

Hey there Elias!!! it was awesome to have you guys in Guatemala... I really had the time of my life at the show, and then getting to talk to you guys a lil' bit afterwards wow that was awesome as well!!!! thank you for being so nice to fans! Now I can't wait for the release of the video-blog of the Latin American TOur! :) THanks for being sooo awesome! "Los Esperamos Pronto" hehe and I mean it! Toivottavasti Tulette Takaisin Nopeasti Sonata Arctica! Hugs and best wishes from the land of the eternal spring!