Saturday, October 23, 2010

Quito, Ecuador

In Quito we stayed at the Hilton hotel and it was really fancy hotel. We got some time to load our batteries. The fans really seemed to love us. We had a great show even though had some minor technical issues. The air is really thin in Quito because it´s so high from the sea level, almost 3k. We really notised that on stage. But we survived. And take a look at that water melon?! Thanks, I had a blast!




Carlos said...

Hi elias.
I'm Carlos de Santiago de Chile. We are all very excited to see them again.
I hope it's a great SHOW!. But ... we are sad ... first time playing alone in Santiago ... The last time was in Santiago and Valparaiso (El huevo (the egg) :XD)


~Night*Star~ said...

That watermelon looks great!
Thanks a lot for starting the blog again! I love to read it and see the pictures/videos you post :D
Rock on!

A. Paulsen said...

The watermelon is awesome!!!! :D

Chateau said...

Thank you so much for the concert it was amazing!

Desdemona said...

I hope you remember with much love to your fans in Chile!
thanks for the great concert on Sunday ... are awesome!! amazing gigs!!
kisses from Chile!!
i hope u come back soon!

Cecilia said...

Hola Elias!! =)
Look at that water melon!! Amazing work.

We are waiting for you in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Hope I can met you again, like in 2008.


Paula said...

Hey, that watermelon rocks!!!

Luigi said...

Hey Elias, thank you for coming to my country, I really enjoyed the show, it was a dream come true. SA means a lot to me in my life and having you in Ecuador was really special to me.

I hope you guys come back soon, it's a shame I wasn't able to meet you and the band but I feel really happy 'cause I watched my fav band live.

Cheers and good luck

Luigi Marchelle

mirai_moon said...

The watermelon is awesome 8->!
Thank you for happy movie very much :D.