Monday, June 23, 2008

Hellfest, Clisson, France

21.6.08 Hellfest, Clisson, Ranska

Aamulla herätessä olimmekin jo saapuneet Festarialueelle. Meilllä oli jo keikka iltapäivällä, joten sai melkein suoraan punkasta kavuta lauteillle. No eipä siinä. Setin oli lupa olla maksimissaan 40 minuuttia. Se meni yhdessä hujauksessa. Keikan jälkeen meillä oli nimmarisessio, joka sekin oli tarkkaan kellotettu, joten moni jäi ilman nimmareita. Ei ollut meidän vika, mutta anteeksi kuitenkin. Ilta jatkui vippi-alueen baarissa mukavan nautinnollisissa merkeisssä. Uskaltauduin mennä esittäytymään Morbid Angelin kavereille ja mukavia kavereitahan he tuntuivat olevan. Nuorempana miehenä olin oikein kovakin Morbidifani. Seuraavana aamuna tiedossa oli punkan tyhjentäminen ja lento kotiin. Mukavaa oli! Niin ja teknikoistamme tuli kertaheitolla kunnon punaniskoja!

06/21.08 Hellfest, Clisson, France

When I woke up we had driven to France already. We had a show already in the afternoon so it was pretty much off the bunk and on the stage. Well, that was still ok. We had a very tight 40 minutes set. It was over in the blink of an eye. After the show we had a signing session and it was clocked as well as the set. So lot´s of fans didn´t get their autographs. It wasn´t our fault but sorry anyway. The night continued in the local vip-bar. I chatted for a while with the guys from Morbid Angel which was great, because since I was a little young man I have been a huge fan of theirs. The next morning we had a flight back home. We had a lots of fun this time as well. Yeah, and our technicians got burned!! Rednecks...


Isis said...

Nice to read your reports about the gigs :D
Can't wait to see you in Milan next July!!
You're great <3

Best wishes to you all =)

Marìa Celeste said...

Hello Elias;

How are you?
Very nice pics!!!!
Have a great week :-)
Many hugs & greetings from Argentina.


Paula said...

Ouch, poor technicians! They should have put some solar cream... ;)

Nice to see that yout blog is back ^^

Lilith said...


Too much sun for you guys?

If the gig was too short for you, imagine how short it was for the fans!! ( go figure.. I wouldn't get tired of you, I would probably have a heart attack for jumping too much before that happens..)

(Guess I'm getting freakish XD)

Anyways, keep up the good work!! You have a lot of people (and not-so people like me) who supports you.

Maybe I'll annoy you later, in another post.

Greetings from Hell's deep.

Lilly said...

Hello Elias!

How are you?
I want you in Brazil agaaain! :(
Wow, I loved the pics :)~
you're the best ♥

Hugs & kisses ♥

Silverwolf said...

Terve elias!!

Thank you for keeping on your allday blog, that's very nice to follow you for each gig :p

your show at hellfest was very very graet (but now it's habit^^) and thank you for signing session! I have dreamed of taht for many months!!!

Hyvää syntymäpaivää and have a nice day tommorrow.

What a pity you were not in France this days, you would have your "caremabars" candies too.No it is a bad joke, you will have better from your family and your friends!

See you the 5th of November!

keep on rocking guys, you are all genies.