Thursday, January 14, 2010

Brisbane/ Melbourne, Australia

Brisbane seemed to be a very cool city as well. We arrived there the day before the show so we had time to walk around. We had nice steak dinner at a very cool restaurant near the river. I also bought a black leather "bush hat" and have wore it since.

In Melbourne we went to the aquarium and saw penguins and tons of different fishes. Tony went on stage with Vanishing Point to sing one song with them. We had some fun time. We enjoyed Australia really much and we all are wishing to be able to go back there again.

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mirai_moon said...

Thank you for a happy, wonderful photograph and blog very much 8-> !
The hat of Elias is Cooool! It is very well matched ;).
The penguin in the photograph in the aquarium and fish's photograph are lovely (as KAWAII !).
I feel the appearance that you guys are really enjoying :D .