Thursday, January 14, 2010

Indonesia/ Taiwan/ China

The Jakarta show in Indonesia was unfortunately cancelled. Some of us went to the mall shopping and some of us just chilled at the hotel. There was a really nice restaurant and bar in the hotel and that suited us perfectly.

The Taipei show in Taiwan was sweet. The venue was really huge, awesome building. We had a meet and greet with the fans there and met some Finnish people who work there in Taiwan.

Next day we had a flight to Shanghai, China and had a show at the same day so it was really a long day for us, 22 hours or so...There seemed to be a problem with the drums, for example there was no ride symbal at all. But after half an hour someone had find that symbal and we were finally ready to go. We were a bit late but still. We met some fans after the show and everything worked pretty smoothly after all.


Felipe said...

soak up the sun because its still cold here!

i was kinda hoping you would post pics of the crowd im curious to see what its like and if its any different than here.

thanks for the update El! take care and see you in April!

adispeed said...

Welcom to Indonesia Brothers
Hope you had a beautiful memories and comeback someday for a REAL LIVE SHOW!!
We will not let you down!! do't worry my friends, there are a lot of sonata arctica fans in Indonesia and they are really waiting for your LIVE performance!!!

Hail to you All!!!

Patricia said...

Hi Elias! When are you comming to Brazil?? The last show I see of sonata arctica, it was in Curitiba, 28/08/2008... Amazing concert! *--* Do you have orkut, MSN and others?

Fallen Angel said...

Hei Elias,
The show in Taipei was awesome!
My friends were so excited to see you guys here!Next time you have asia tour,please come here again.


Hello Elias! Ia great fan of the Sonata Arctica, I see the clips I hear the music I have shows that. I altend daily. Love all of the music without exeção, haul of finding all of the boys of the very beutiful band...
Wait for the show of POrto Alegre in Brazil tha is neighboring city min. I was for too much happy when finding his/her blog and knowledge that ew have more that form of accompanyng that work of band. Until I reactivated my blog and Iam restructuring him form following you..
Kisses of brasileirinha... :****