Friday, January 1, 2010

Asian Tour 2010

Sydney, Australia

We played in Sydney on new year´s eve. We arrived the day before so we had some time to walk around the city. We got sun sunburned quite nicely so we bought some cool Australia caps...We went for a speed boat drive and that was really nice change for us. Ahti bought cool ice-cream as you see...Australia seems to be very cool place. Next we are heading to Brisbane. Stay tuned!


Companion Cube said...

I was soo confused when i saw this. then i remembered that you are over the IDL (international date line) and therefore sending us messages from the FUTURE!! WOOOOOOOO, SPOOKY. XD just kidding.

Happy Newyears, Sonata!!


mirai_moon said...

Enjoy :) !

Happy New Year :) !
May this year be happy and fruitful :) .

Felipe said...

hey elias!

happy new year to you and the boys! the aussie pics look like a lot of fun, i had a good laugh at the golden gaytime haha

we're having a lousy winter here in Canada, hopefully the spring will be nice for when you guys come next. rock on!

VladUha said...

Hahah Golden Gaytime xDDD

adispeed said...

my name is Adi and i live in indonesia...I just confuse with your tour status, because SONATA ARCTICA should doing the tour in Pantai Karnival Jakarta on 7 January 2010 but there's is no live anyway..
What's is happen Elijas?
Hopefully you can reply this to clarify for Indonesian Sonata fans

Happy New Years and Cheers!!!

AleksV said...

Hey, SA!
I'll be at the NY concert in April.
Can't wait to see/hear you guys! :D

Anonymous said...

That ''Golden Gaytime'' is just priceless. lol

Nolla said...

Hey Elias =) I'm glad you all had such a great time in Australia. I loved seeing you guys in Sydney and I was up the front row, pretty much right in front of you but just a bit closer to Tony. I was the crazy chick who threw a wolf toy onstage for him. Speaking of which, I was wondering if you could reply to me by email {mine is} or comment back or something with just a short {or long or whatever} message letting me know if Tony liked the wolf toy because I didn't get a chance to ask. I thoroughly enjoyed the show, it was my first metal concert so I am so happy and I can't wait to see you guys again <3 Come back soon, and I hope you can reply.



hey man... how are you doing?? i´m from venezuela.-.. and S.A is my favorite band.. please tell me will you guys come to venezuela one day?? i just want a concert of the best band in the world.. bye dude