Monday, March 3, 2008

Buenos Aires, Argentina

1.3.08 Buenos Aires, Argentiina

Heräilin siinä ja söin aamiaiseksi jotain crackereita..Lähdettiin käymään venuella soundcheckissä. Siellä meille tarjottiin syötäväksi pihviä ja ranskanperunoita. Soundcheckin jälkeen päätettiin piipahtaa paikallisessa Hard Rock kahvilassa ostamassa tuliais paitoja. (Toisin sanoen puhdasta päälle..alkaa nimittäin vaatteet loppua..)Sen jälkeen mentiin takaisin hotellille keräämään voimia. Tuli nukuttua pikku päikkärit.

Illan konsertti oli isoin tällä kiertueella. Paikalla oli 4100+ innokasta fania. Oli todella kuuma soittaa..Olin kauttaaltaan hiessä. Paita oli täysin läpimärkä. Vaihdoin encoreihin kuivan paidan, mutta neljän biisin aikana sekin ehti kastua täysin..Keikan jälkeen nähtiin onnekkaita faneja ja jaettiin nimmareita. Illan pääteeksi käytiin pyörähtämässä paikallisessa rokkibaarissa. Oli mukava ja leppoisa meno. Kiitos Argentiina ja toivottavasti näemme pian.

03/02/08 Buenos Aires, Argentina

I woke up and ate some crackers for breakfast…We went to the venue to have a sound check. There we had some steak and fries to eat. After that we decided to visit a local Hard Rock Café. We bought some shirts as a souvenirs..( clean shirts for the rest of the tour..)Then we headed back to the hotel to gather some strength.

Tonight´s concert was the biggest on this tour. There were 4100+ eager fans to enjoy the show. It was really hot to play. My shirt was soaking wet. I changed my shirt for the encores, but after 4 songs it was totally wet as well..After the show we met few lucky fans and gave autographs..Finally we went to this local rock bar to have beers. We had a great time. It was really cool! Now, I want to thank Argentina for the hospitality and good time we had! See you soon! Until then, I remain yours.


♠ Carrie666's Secrets ♠ said...

Elias you are great!! I hope to see u soon again in Buenos Aires ARGENTINA!!

Maria Celeste said...

Hello Elias;
Thanks for all!!!!!
We love Sonata Artica!!!!!

Hugs & greetings from Buenos Aires

Maria Celeste

NenWen said...

Thank you for coming!
it was a great, GREAT show!

I shouted as loud as I never did in my life..

I'm anxious to see you again!!!

Gonzalo H-D said...

Hi Elias, your Buenos Aires Show was AWESOME!

Hope you liked your audience as much as we love what you do!!!!

was it enough shouting for yoU??

Argentina is counting the minutes till your return!

NenWen said...

thank you for coming!
it was a great, GREAT show!

I shouted as loud as I never did in my life..

I'm anxious to see you again!!!

Ruben said...

Thanks Elias for the great show you gave us, it will always remain in our memories and our hearts. We love you guys and you really rocked tonight, We'll wait for you, and hope you want to come back, then you can have another try of the argentinian love, haha. Hope to see you soon!!!

Thomas said...

what a show!
I fucking freaking love it =P
I hope to see you soon, guys :)

thanks for comming :)

and sometimes you remember a little to Steve Vai, man, you are a excelent guitar player, and your two cds of instrumental music are fantastic! [ specially The Leadstar (2005) i love it :) ]
ok, greetins from Argentina!

A big hug! (like tony's ones :P)

tommi, :)

Ariel H. said...

hello!! I was there and this gig was awesome!! The best gig i`ve ever seen, hope you´ve enjoyed it such as we. What do you think about people in Argentina? Please, ask Marko to forgive us for the flying bottle, it was just a kid who thought he was funny, but actually all of us thought he was a jerk!! Well, we hope seeing you around here again and please keep your promise!! (it was tony´s promise actually - he said that you´ll come back as soon as possible). Thank you very very much for giving us that memorable moment.
Sorry for my bad English, hope you can undestand it!!

tomas-q said...

i just wanted to thank you Sonata Arctica for the show in Buenos Aires, it was a dream come true for many of us!

tomas-q said...

i just wanted to thank you Sonata Arctica for the show in Buenos Aires, it was a dream come true for many of us!
Thank you Tony, thank you Tommy, thank you Henrik, thank you Elias, thank you Marko and thank you all the Sonata crew behind the stage for giving such an amazing show!

Kamper said...

e had a great time as well!
Thank you all!

Merk said...

Thank you... Pure and simple thank you for this AWESOME show and once-in-a-lifetime moment.

You rock!!!!!!!

Merk said...

Thank you... Just a pure and simple THANK YOU for such an awesome show and once-in-a-lifetime moment!!

You rock!!!!!!!

And Elias. You are the best!! A glass of vodka for a CAPITAL M Musician like you!!!

NaSha said...

I can't explain what I felt. But how do you feel about all those orgasmic comments?
The show in Buenos Aires was one of the best things that could have ever happened to me. I just can't wait for you to come back guys... Elias, I just need to say FREAKINGLY WELL DONE!!!!! Lots of Argentinian love... Lucía

Bruno said...

WOW, 4100!! I thought it would be sth like 3000 instead, awesome...
I had a really great time, the show was great and your performance elias was flawless, every note sounded super clean!!
hope to have you all back soon!!


Fernando Darío said...

Hey Elias!! I want to thank you, Tommi, Marko, Tony and Henkka for the time you made us live on last saturday night.
It was more than a show, even more than a GREAT show, it was plainly out of this planet!!
After the show I was speechless in all ways, words didn't came to my voice because of screaming and shouting the whole night, and because I couldn't realize you were here after the so long wait, and because I was there :), I felt just too happy man!!, and I know for sure that almost everyone felt the same.
So, thanks again, wish you the best, and hope to see you soon!! ;)

María Laura said...

thanks SO much for coming!!
we really enjoy the show!!

hope to see you real soon!!

Jorge Abreu said...

Thanks for come here!!!!!!!!



Ricardo said...

Elias! Thank you a lot for the great show you performed last Saturday! It was my first concert and I will never forget it! Send my regards to Tony, Marko, Tommy and Henkka!! Thanks for coming to Argentina, I´m sure that our people did not dissapoint you at all, did it? You are very devoted to your fans, that´s why you are the best! Keep on going!! And come back to Argentina soon, we´ll be waiting for you!

Rodrigo said...

We surprised you, didn't we? I guess you did too. The show was simply FANTASTIC! It was better than we could all imagine, so I want to thank you for it. There was only one little small complain: You didn't play Replica. After The Cage, everybody kept on screaming for Replica, but I gues YOU'LL HAVE TO PLAY IT next time you come to Argentina. I hope you enjoyed the visit to my country, and I hope your manager gave you the gift I deliver to him. (Oh, yes, I'm the guy who gave him the wine and the Argentinian flag. Better you drink it). Anyway, you're welcome to come here whenever you want, and you'll always recieve the hospitality and love from the fans and the people in general. The experience of having you here was simply great. I hope you keep on enjoying the rest of the tour.

Greetings from Argentina!

Ps: Last Sunday I was at the door of the hotel since 10 o'clock 'till 3 pm and I had to leave. Then I was told you came down at 4:30, so I lost the chance to thank you in person. Next time I'll be there to recieve you!!!

ExxCaLiBuR said...

Ole! ole! ole!
Ole! ole! ole! ola!
Ole! ole! ole! cada día te quiero mas!
Yo soy Sonata, es un sentimiento, no puedo parar!

Thanks for all!

Laura =)

SurunKeiju said...

Really Nice Show!!!

I love you!!

Sonata Rules!! lml

Guxas said...

My God thank you Elias and the guys for the best show EVER!!! You were awesome man :D I still can't believe I actually was there. It was PERFECT.

I hope you guys enjoyed your stay in here and I'd really love to have you here again very soon :D

WOW me and my friends are in the 4th picture XD


i_chan said...

Elias, it was GREAT meting you, we exchange some words at the airport, and then at the hotel!, i loved the show you perfomed, it was GRREEAAT...

See you soon in argentina again :)

Rebellion said...

Thank you so much!! I wanted to meet all of you so badly, but I didn't have the, come back soon :) The show was great, I enjoyed it soooo much.
I wanted to see you in action, 'cause I never did, and you rock, you definitely rock!! It was awesome :D
Let me tell you, you won't find better fans than in Argentina ;)
See you soon!!!!

Moony said...

I still can`t belive it!!
You rock my world!!!
The show was amazinggggggg
I just waiting for you to come back!!
Thanks for everything!!!

Quito said...

It was a really good show, guys. The sound was a bit loud for that particular place, so sometimes you couldn't hear very well (last album's songs in particular), but the set was good and Tony did a great job as a frontman.

I hope you enjoyed as much as we did.

Best regards.

Cecilia said...

wow! Your pic with the "Obelisco" behind is great Elias! So, did you go to the hard rock Cafe too? thats great! =)

The concert you did in Buenos Aires was Amazing. Hope you come back soon, very soon.

I met you in the "meet & great", after the show. You have all my support Elias, you are a great musician.

Kisses, Cecilia

hernandv said...

Hi Elias!!!

I love sonata!!!

you rulzz man!!!! i want one of your picks but i didnt catch when you throw to the people T_T!

the show was amazing !!!!

i hope to see sonata back soon!!! yeah all want sonata back haha!! sonata makes the people happy and give power the show was a dream for all

Power hugs for you!!,for tony, for tomy,for henkka and for marko! and power greetings from Buenos Aires!!

long life to sonata arctica!!!!

Olken said...

Hey whats up????

jajaj, i think i must be one of the lucky fans... yhe the stupid dronk guy who ask you at 7am in mc donals... so you play for a band??? which one.....

well probably you wont remember at all....

Grate show... plz come back soon!!!!

wishmistress said...

You're great Elias!! I was one of the few lucky fans and it was like a dream came true!
The show was awesome, you're all awesome! I hope to see you soon again!

Chelu said...

it was grate seeing you all, what an amazing show!!!! I almost die by the crowd but anyway,
it was unbelieveble how you ellias play the guitar you will give the band a grate improvement,
cheers for all the band
and Henka is the sexiest ever!!!

IcyMoon said...

Hi there ^^!
I wanted to say to all of you a big THANKYOU for the show here in Argentina... me and my boyfriend almost cried cuz we couldn't believe you were there, right before our eyes!
We hope to see you soon around, and next time i wish we could meet or see you closer as im a big fan of yours!
Sonata for ever =D

Bathory said...

Ole! ole! ole!
Ole! ole! ole! ola!
Ole! ole! ole! cada día te quiero mas!
Yo soy Sonata, es un sentimiento, no puedo parar!

Translated song:

Ole! Ole! Ole!
Ole! Ole! Ole! Ola!
Ole! Ole! Ole! Every day I love you more!
I am Sonata is a feeling, I can not stop!

At the beginning of the video link can be heard this song

I hope you will soon return to the southlands...


Juan said...

men, i was there, and IT WAS SO FUCKING! COOL!!
i want to se you again! =)
this time i will try to go to the airport, just to say you "hi"...then i could be happy to die haha :P

well, hope all of you be fine
see you