Saturday, March 1, 2008

Curitiba, Brazil

28.2.08 Curitiba, Brasilia

Nukuin kellon ympäri. Oli mukava saada nukkua, vaikkakin uni oli aika pätkittäistä. Henkka herätti mut puolen päivän aikaan ja kysyi joko olen syönyt. Halusin jatkaa unia. Sitten joskus kahden aikaan iltapäivällä siivoja soittaa käytäväpuhelimesta, ihan siitä mun huoneen ulkopuolelta ja puhuu joitain Portugaliksi. Oletan, että kyse oli huoneeni siivoamisesta. Olin laittanut illalla oven nuppiin roikkumaan ”Ei saa häiritä”-kortin ,mutta kai täkäläiset ovat sitten niin kohteliaita kun kysyvät silti. No, vastasin selvällä suomen kielellä, että ”Nyt en kyllä ymmärrä sanaakaan, mitä puhut”. Puhelu katkesi. Luulisin, että lopputulos olisi ollut sama vaikka olisin vastannut englanniksi. Koen, että herättämiseni oli melko turhanpäivistä. ”Ei saa häiritä” kortista huolimatta luulen, että siivooja olisi ängennyt kysymättä sisään, ellei ovi olisi ollut takalukossa. Olisi luultavasti vaan sanonut, että oivoi anteeksi nyt kauheesti, kun en tiennyt..No mitä varten se lappu roikkuu siinä ovessa!? On tällaistakin tapahtunut...Nyt oli kuitenkin iltapäivä aikaa vetää henkeä, kun ei ollut soundcheckiäkään...

Illalla lähdettin hotellilta kasin aikaan keikkapaikalle. Ajettin pakuilla piiiiitkän fanijonon ohi takapihalle. Takahuoneessa oli kiva tunnelma. Niin, mitäs me tehdään takahuoneessa ennen keikkaa? Kuvat puhukoot puolestaan. Henkka pelasi PSP:llä, Make nähtiin ”kaapilla”, Tony löysi ”apina-vodkan” ja Tommy ihastui uuteen Sonata paitaansa. Mitäs minä sitten oikein tein? No, minä otin näitä kuvia...

Keikan jälkeen käytiin jakamassa nimmareita lavan edessä aidalla. Kivaa oli.
Nyt on aika sanoa kiitos Brasilia! Toivottavasti ei mene kuutta vuotta, kun taas päästään teille soittamaan.


02/28/08 Curitiba, Brazil

I slept around the clock. It was nice to have some sleep even though I woke up every now and then. Henkka woke me up in the afternoon to ask me if I´ve already eaten. I just wanted to keep on sleeping. Then around two in the afternoon the cleaning lady calls me from the hallway outside my room. She says something in Portuguese and I don´t of course understand anything. I just answered to her in Finnish that I´m sorry but I don´t understand a word you´re saying. Maybe it had something to do with cleaning my room. Even though I had put this “Don´t disturb” sign to my door handle last night..well, she hang up the phone…I think even if I would have spoken English, it would have had the same outcome.. I think it was totally unnecessary to wake me up…And if my door wouldn´t have been locked, I think she would have just got in. She would have just said “oh sorry, I didn´t know you´re sleeping. Well, why do I have this “Don´t disturb sign then?” This has happened also, believe me. Oh well, now we had the whole afternoon to take a breath because we didn´t have a soundcheck.

At night we went to the venue. We drove pass this looooong line of fans. We had good vibes at the backstage. Well, what are we doing in the backstage? The photos will speak for themselves. Henkka was playing with his PSP, Marko was seen by the refrigerator, Tony found the “monkey-vodka” and Tommy fell in love with his news Sonata shirt. What I was doing? I took these silly pictures!

After the show we went to have some pictures with the fans. We had a blast!

Now it´s time to say good bye Brazil! I´m hoping it takes a little less than 6 years to come back..

Thank you! We love you all!


Nath ^^ said...

"A little less" ? Don´t make this mean jokes, Elias! Pleease! :P
Everybody here expects you to come back as soon as possible!
We are sorry for any bothers at your state in here, and thank you guys very much, because you came all the way from Finland to all the places form the tour, mostly South America... And the most grateful: Brazil! :P :D
And I just love psp... Henkka knows what´s good!
Come back soon, please, and receive a big and warm hug from all the fans down here :D
We just love you guys.
The best for you all.

mika said...

Hahahahahaha Tommy with that shirt is funny xDDD

Axel said...

Hey man, Im srry you had a bad day at the hotel xD! but its awesome that the show went well :)

I hope that you guys take pictures with the fans here in Mty Mx. xDD!

take care, seeya

Maria Magdalena III said...

We hope you guys come back soon! We can't wait more six years, dude! We love you guys!! Hope you have a good gig! Bye bye

Leonardo Felipe said...

i'm Leonardo from Brazil!

Liked the beers of the Brazil??
I can send some crates to finland!
I speak seriously!

I have enjoyed concert of you here in curitiba
I believe that everyone has liked...
I hope that you will also have liked
We (curitibans) hope you come back soon


I like the ventilator under you
You are known as "the man whose hair defies the law of gravity" (This is a super loving nickname)

We love you, Elias
We liked the Sonata Arctica here
We love you

Thank's for concert =')

Rafael said...

Hei Leadstar XD its me again, the broken arm guy from são paulo's concert! i'm laughing so much about that tommy's picture! oh u had problems with the cleaning lady huh? lol...that happens on brazilian hotels...i just uploaded my picture with you and i have pictures of são paulo's concert, if you're interested! Wish you good luck on the tour!

ps: can't stop listening your last solo cd! it's REALLY good!

Ritchy said...

Don't tell me that Tommy wore that on stage.
Well, maybe it wouldn't look too bad, but it would be very damn uncomfortable.

hollow_ones said...

All I can say is that tha show was PERFECT ! The fans feel really sorry for any problems you guys might have had during the time you spent here but we are happy that after these long six years you came back! The show was great, the song selection was great, you guys are really friendly with the ground and I had an amazing time during the concert and hope I can see you again very soon ( 'cause I wasn't abble to get an autograph...).
Thank you so much for coming, and I hope you enjoyed!

P.S. Loved the effect of the ventilator under you


Ana Rita said...

Hi Boys

My name is Ana Rita, i’m from Santa Maria (city), Rio Grande do Sul (state), Brasil, i’m 24 years old. My sister and I, staid 14 hours in a bus and about 9 hours at the waiting line, just to see you guys, in Curitiba. On the waiting line I found about 20 other fans of yours from the same state… I don’t know if you noticed, but there was 2 flags together, one from your land and one from our state… We got divided in two… some were in front of Henrik end we got in front of Elias…
Well it was a great, big, dreaming, perfect night. To bad I couldn’t meet, you all, face to face… maybe next time.
I got to say:
Tony with your thousand voices and faces;
Marko with his indispensable, tenuous bass and his mysterious eyes;
Henkka with his fast fingers and his great backing vocal;
The Giant Tommy always hidden behind the drums;
End finaly Elias with his fast hands and flying hair.


For share some minutes of your talent with us...
I’m almost finishing … I got to make at least one show for year here in Brasil, and next time come (please) to Porto Alegre, the Rio Grande do Sul capital…. All the Gaúchos will thank you.
I really hope you get to see this.
Lots of hugs and kisses...

Ana Rita Landerdahl. Abreu

Juliane said...

hey guys .
I'm Juliane. you can call me Ju ^^
and I'm a friend of Ana Rita.., from the comment up here ! hehe
everything she said is everything I would like to say to you.. it was a dream come true see you live, just wanna thank you for making our lives worth living..

and. we just wanna show you this .. , its us, from Rio Grande do Sul , singin the anthem from our state,just before the show, and we are just really pround of that ! ^^

thanks for everthing !

mirai_moon said...

It is ..Tommy.. Amusing (LOL) :D !
The SA(you guys) seem Amusing :D !
Very Very Happy(Amusing) 8-> :-)) !!!!
Kiitos :) !!!!

Maria Rita said...

6 years???

Didn't you like Brazil??? and fans???
Well I will hope you....


Gregor said...

Next time pass by Belo Horizonte guys!!!
We missed u guys here T_T


nice pics anyway ahahhaah