Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Flight/ Mexico City, Mexico, Day Off

4.3.08 Lento/ Mexico City, Meksiko, Välipäivä

Lähdettiin aamusella ajamaan kohti lentokenttää. Meillä oli tiedossa välilasku Bogotassa Kolumbiassa. Pientä levottomuutta siellä on taasen ollut, joten oli tiukat turvatoimet. Meillä vaihtui lentoyhtiö, joten jouduttiin tsekkaamaan kaikki kamat uudestaan sisään. Siis laukut ja laatikot eivät menneet suoraan jatkolennolle. Kuvassa kaikki viisi kärryä on täynnä meidän tavaroita. Noh, alkoi olemaan leikki kaukana. Mutta huumorilla siitä sitten lopulta selvittiin. Koettiin myös iso turbulenssi koneessa matkalla Limasta Bogotaan. Viinit roiskui laseista toistemme päälle, vaikka kuinka yritti olla läikyttämättä. Lennettin yhteensä noin 7 tuntia taas.
Iltasella päästiin Meksikoon hotellille, jossa illallistimme melko nopsakasti. Huomenna meillä on keikka Monterreyssä, jonne lennämme aamusella..

03/04/08 Flight/ Mexico City, Mexico, Day Off

In the morning we drove to the airport. We had to change the plane in Bogota, Columbia. There´s been some military tension once again, so the security at the airport was really tight. We also changed the flight company in Bogota, so we had to check in all our luggage over again to the connecting flight. In the picture all the five carts are our packages..So it wasn´t actually funny anymore. Well, with a good sense of humor we got through this…We also experienced a quite big turbulence on our way from Lima to Bogota. We spilled the wine all over each other´s clothes even if we tried not to. Oh well, flied something like 7 hours again. In the evening we got to Mexico City and to the hotel where we dined also. Tomorrow we´ll have a show in Monterrey. And again we are going to fly there…Good night.


Nath ^^ said...

Damn! All the 5 charts of luggage? Check in all that stuff again? My gosh! You guys mus have suffered, indeed :/ But hey! I´m very glad the time you´ve spent there was nice :D
And God! You guys are always flying! It must be very tiresome, with the shows and stuff :/ Thank you guys for be doing this, and you, mostly, for update this blog! For me, is kinda the only "contact" with SA I feel it´at my reach, for now :) Fans love you, you guys must know that :)
Good luck with the next show, a extremely good night, and
The best for you all.

L said...

Damn, that's what I don't like about airports and airplanes... All the thingy's that you have to do in order to be able to fly =P.

But, if you look on the bright side... You're closer to home on each day that goes by... So it can't be that bad.

Regards, Elias.


Bittersweet said...

..and so happy! we are waiting for you guys! :) with arms wide open again..things are not goin well in Colombia is a pity for the citizens :(

Erick said...

hey, thanks a lot for doing this tour and returning to Mexico!!! you're my heroes haha and I'll see you tomorrow in Mexico city rocking again!! yeah good luck