Saturday, March 1, 2008

Flight/ Buenos Aires, Argentina, Day Off

29.2.08 Lento/ Buenos Aires, Argentiina, Välipäivä

Herätys oli jo puoli kahdeksan aamulla. No ehdin nukkumaan varmaan about 3 tuntia. Ja ei kun lentokentälle. Luvassa oli kaksi eri lentoa. Lentoasemalla lähteissämme pari tyttöä tuli antamaan meille fanikirjeet ja halusivat ottaa meistä kuvia. Aika paljon muuten ihmiset toljottavat meitä täällä lentokentillä. Rohkeimmat kyselevät, että mikäs bändi te ootte? ”Ettehän te se Iron Maiden vaan ole”. Maiden on täällä pikkasta päälle kova sana nimittäin. Rock in Rio ja silleen...

Perillä meitä odottikin melkoinen fanilauma. Nimmareita jaettiin ja kuvia otettiin. Saatiin pikku lahjoja taas. Siitä ajettiin sitten hotellille. Päätettiin mennä syömään hotellin ravintolaan. About 15 eurolla per nuppi syötiin todella hienosti. Suomessa olis maksanut 60 euroa naama tuollaisessa paikassa aika kepeästi. Tai mistä minä tiedän, kun ei ole meikäläisellä Suomessa varaa syödä tuon tason ravinteleissa.

Käytiin moikkaan faneja hotellina pihassa ja hengailtiin vähän aikaa siinä. Päätettiin käydä Tommyn ja Tapsan kanssa katsastamassa sauna/ uima-allas osasto. Ja kyllä kannatti. Ihan kunnon sauna siellä oli ja lämpöäkin ihan melki 80. Teki niin eetwarttia että. Tuli just eikä melkein oikeaan paikkaan. (Viikon päästä onkin jo sitten lauantaisauna kotona.) Täällä reissun päällä sitä huomaa, kuinka tärkeä sauna on. Ite en voisi elää ilman saunaa. Siihen päälle pikku polskuttelut uima-altaalla. Yömyssyn jälkeen sitä oltiinkin valmiina petiin. Viiden tähden hotelli muuten...

29.2.08 Flight/ Buenos Aires, Argentina, Day Off

The wake-up call for us was already half past seven in the morning. I slept about 3 hours and we were off to the airport. There were 2 different flights ahead of us. At the airport a couple of fans were there to give us the fan letters. We took some pictures together also. People stare at us quite a lot here at the airports. Some of them are asking us what kind of band we are. “Are you Iron Maiden?” Iron Maiden is really popular here. Rock in Rio and everything...

When we got to Buenos Aires there were a bunch of fans waiting for us. We took pictures again and gave autographs. We had some gifts as well from the fans..Then we drove to the hotel. We decided to eat in the hotel´s restaurant. It was only maybe 20 bucks per head. In Finland you must pay at least 70-80 dollars for the dinner in a restaurant like this. Or how would I know. I don´t have so much money I could eat in a restaurant like this…

We went to say hello to the fans outside the hotel. Then we headed to the sauna/ pool with Tommy and Tapsa. It was worth it. It was totally decent sauna. (a week from this and I´ll be in my own saunaJ) I couldn´t live without a sauna. We also went to the pool to have a good swim. After a night cap I was totally ready for bed. It´s a five star hotel by the way…


kamailo_loko said...

Elias please answer my last post please i beg you!


Nath ^^ said...

Wow, fancy restaurants, ha? I like these ones, but as you have said, I don´t have the money to be a frequent costumer :P
And I have already said this, but I just love the photos you post here! I saw you going out of the stage to take a picture in Sao Paolo - Brazil, but at the time didn´t realized it was a photo! Only realized when I saw it here :D
I must say that a save almost every single one of them on my pc, and I hope it is not a problem. :)

And I hope I can get in touch with you guys someday. It´s my biggest frustration not have a photo, autograph or the fact that I couldn´t talk to you guys at any moment you had with fans :/ If I´d talk about how I got in Sao Paolo at the show´s day and came back for my state at the next morning, and how the car broke, making me unable to meet you guys at the airport... Damn, I was so mad!

So, come back soon :P
Awesome show(s) for guys guys in Argentina!
And The Best For You All.

Axel said...

:P g'luck in the concert tonight :)!!

i_chan said...

Hi elias!, dudeeeee it was an excelent show, definitely one to put in my top5!!!!

I really enjoyed the concert, and sing my ass out, haaha.

Im coming to the airport tomorrow, and see if i can take another picture with you ^^

Kurt said...

Hello guys, I'm Marcos, writing after your show here in BS AS. I can't go for a drink, I'm exhausted. But I'm very happy (tought you like to hear it). I'll be a musician, (Nirvana fan, also Sonata :D) and it so hard to decide what kind of music to play, I like metal, rock, hard rock, everything, so well, thats the difficult part. Anyway, i like the Blog, and i hope that you liked Buenos Aires. We love music here. Ask Marko about a water bottle (just joking, I didn't do it)

Well, hope to see you soon, keep creating Art, the world needs it.

Adieu!! (sorry for my bad english)

Henkka said...

yo los viii en monterrey T_T y no podre ir de nuevoo waa xD

Darkness Field said...

I love you and I'll never forget the concert of São Paulo!
PLEASE , if you can, read my e-mail (it's very important to me), I send it today...
Thanks for everything, your brazilian fan.


Sonata Forever *-*

renatapetrelli said...

Eli!!! my dear! how is going so far? is impossible to dont have a good impression from Buenos Aires! is a great place to go, and probabily the hotel is really better than here hehehe and ther, the things are really cheaper... enjoy there, i think you gonna like how i said! by the way, i dont know if you have time at all, but i wrote i big text last mail... sorry! when u have a time... answer hihihihihi

take careeeeeeeeee!

Ritchy said...

Nice pic of a happy family gathered around a fancy dinner table...

Susana said...

Hi, Elias! I was at your concert last night in Buenos Aires!! It was my first concert and it was awesome! I love the band, and I really like your presence in it! You're great, man! I was so clooosee to you last night!.. I couldn't believe it! I'm quite angry with people here...about things they throw at the stage and everything they're used to do! But you were BRILLIANT though... my english's not so good, i'm doing my best! hope you read this and you understand me =) I've been crying since the concert begun till now! you rock!! you and your music will always be in my heart!
keep rocking the world out! you reaallyy know how to... my bestt wishes!

Webby said...

I was one of the fans waiting outside the hotel. You were all very nice!!

And it was the greatest show I've ever seen, really. And THANKS to Tony for wearing the t-shirt I gave to him this Friday in the hotel!!

Dream come true! =)

L said...

Oh crap. I just realized that you guys stayed at the hotel that I'm working on. I had the oportunity to meet you and I blew it 'cause I didn't know that you guys was staying here. I found that out 20 minutes after you left the Hotel =(.

Anyway, the show here in Argentina was awesome and I can't wait to see you guys here again :D.

Hope to see you here real soon.


Jorge Abreu said...

Oh my fucking god...

Yesterday I see you live in Obras...

I love you, xDDDDD

I can't recibe you in the airport, because I must go to Work u.u

Argentina Loves you...


Alejandra said...

Hu there Elias. I'm alejandra from buenos aires and we took some pics after de show, like 3 am local time.
I hope U are fine and I wish u can return very soon. U are very very good on the stage, and out of if seem to be a very cool people.
Wish you the best.
Love Ale.

Priscila Blake. said...

I went from Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo just to see you playing, and I loved it! You were amazing [ok, I know you hear that kind of thing every day, but it was really incredible, I cried with your songs!]. If I was on vacation, I would go to Curitiba too.
Well, congratulations by the show!

“Are you Iron Maiden?”

Ok, people here in Brazil are kind of crazy! :D


Priscila Blake. said...

By the way, you have an amazing-flying-hair, Elias! =P

Vanina said...

Hey! I went to the show in BS AS... It was amazing!! Now... the stage was really hot!?? wasn't it!??? i loved the way you played! pleaseeee came back soon! I hope Tony would keep his world!!!

Rodrigo said...

I went to the Hotel, I didn't get the chance to meet you. Hope you recieve the gift I gave to you...

Greetings from Argentina!

Javas Falkon said...

me and my friends came from ushuaia to see you, we are the fans who live in the southernmost part of the world

we loved your show and every song , even though we miss other ones like tallulah, replica, and ain't your fairy talet. We hope that you could perform them as well as the other songs next time you come to argentina.

see you next time

Mr. Creed said...


I've seen u yesterday! YEahh, u guys rock!

Hope to see u again here in Argentina, u love u sonata!!!

For the sake of revenge!!!

Boxset_downloader said...

Hello Eliass..
You were awesome here.... we won't forget to Jani, but you got another soul to play the songs, you took me to remind to steve vai, when you woke up the guitar with the thing(I can't remember how to say this part of guitar).
The band gave an awesome show, anybody that were there, they'll not forget it. Thanks
We will here for your back..
You and the rest of the band, has planted more than music, feeling, emotion, I'm sure that somebody has been crying while was ringing the songs...
I was to the vanishing point in the end.
I don't have more to say...
we wish you were here again soon.


Winterheart said...

Well, I must say that was the best show I've ever seen in my life! And I can't wait to see you guys back again! Elias, you don't really have anything to envy Jani, as some assholes say... Your performance was so freakin' brilliant man!! I love how you played Wolf & Raven, your fingers are magical, hahaha!!

I hope you come back soon, we'll welcome you guys as we did last Saturday :D

Best wishes, and good luck with the remaining tour dates!!

Jime ≈ said...

You rock the world!!!!!

The best concert ever! :D
please come back soon guys!!

''Your life is black and white Buenos Aireeeeeeees!''

Love youuuuu! ^^

Fercho*^^ said...

Dude! The concert here in Argentina was fucking awesome!!! You make us laugh and we had a great time!

I hope you'd come back!
Argentina will wait for you guys!!!

P.D.: My english sucks. Sry

SurunKeiju said...

Moi Elias!!

Thank you very much for the show in Buenos Aires!! ^^

I ♥ Sonata!!

You really ROCK!!

I was one of the fans waiting on the airport! ^^

Thanks for all!! and coming soon!! please!!

What you think about the argentinian fans??

(Sorry for my bad english! :( )

Minä opiskelen suomea, mutta puhun vähän suomea nyt! xD

Gustavo said...

WTF!!!! If You're so close to venezuela why you didn't came... stratovarius did came and they were suprise of how much people went to the concert in la concha acustica i'm pretty sure if you came we overlap that concert... so please come to venezuela.
att Gustavo and Andres From Venezuela. Asi no lo lea Sonata!!!!