Friday, March 7, 2008

Flight/ Mexico City, Mexico

6.3.08 Lento/ Mexixo city, Meksiko

Aamusella lennettiin takaisin Mexico cityyn. Päivä meni akkuja lataillessa. Tonyn kanssa käytiin syömässä hotellin ravintolassa. Keikkapaikka oli tuttu viime kerrasta..Silloin meillä oli nimmari sessio, jaettiin varmaan yli 400 fanille nimmarit. Olikohan muistaakseni niin, että 3 nimmaria per naama. Äkkiseltään tuli jaettua noin 1200 nimmaria. No eniway, oli tosi mukava ja vapautunut fiilis soittaa..Tällä kertaa taisin välttää Meksikossa vatsataudinkin :-)

Kiertueen viimeisellä keikalla tunteet tuppaavat nousta pintaan. Taisi olla tippa linssissä eräillä, niin yleisössä kuin lavallakin...Jäähyväisten aika on aina vaikea paikka. Olen itse aika sanaton ja väsynyt tällä hetkellä. Edessä on pitkä kotimatka ja aikaerot sun muut. Kiitos faneille. Se on moro! ”Menee väkisinkin seuraavaan kertaan” ja ”näkyy reeneissä”...” ”saathan mie tehää senkhii..”

03/06/08 Flight/ Mexico City, Mexico

In the morning we flew back to Mexico City. The day went by loading batteries at the hotel. We went to eat with Tony at the hotel. The venue was the same than last time. Then we had a signing session, there were over 400 fans in line…I remember it was 3 autographs per head, so we signed about 1200 signatures. Well, anyway, we had fun on stage, really relaxed feeling. This time I didn´t have any stomach problems like the last time in Mexico:-)

So, it was the last show of this tour for us. Time to say good bye is always difficult. I saw people crying in the audience…Right now I´m quite speechless and tired myself. We have a long flight back home ahead of us and time differences and all. So, thanx to the fans! You people are why we´re doing this. See you next time! WE LOVE YOU,



Maria Celeste said...

Hello Evil;
Thanks to you for write all this nice comments and experiences on your blog.
Hope you have a great flight to Europe...
Hugs & greetings from Bs.As.(Arg)


mirai_moon said...

This movie clip! It is Very Very glad 8-> :-)) !!!!!
It is cooool XD XD XD !!!!
Very Very happy(glad) 8-> :-)) !!!!

Thank you Very Very much.
Kiitos :) !!!!

ExxCaLiBuR said...

Elias, somebody in´s forums told that you shot a video in Argentina. Would you upload it?? PLEASE?? any part at all would be just fine!!

Laura =)

Manuel said...

thank you for the shows, for the music!!

Thank you for coming this far!!


Nath ^^ said...

No! WEEEE love YOU! :D
You´re part of our lives! At least of mine :)

And how about crying fans? They´re just allover the place! I cried a lot on the show... I was in the sound boxes direction, on your side of the stage... It was really nice to be there, because I was so close to you, and I read your blog, and stuff :)(btw, I have watched the show in Sao Paolo - Brazil).

We just NEED you guys to come back soon... I watch videos from the show everyday, but´s not the same. It never is, ha? So sad and happy at the same time :)

And the end of the tour... It must be kind of weird, but satisfying :) I know that every fan that saw you guys playing just wanna thank you soooo much! Again and again!

I just hope that you don´t stop your blog posts... They´re really important... To kind of keep "contact" to you :/ :) Please don´t stop :/

The best (and more) for you all.

Kat said...

Wish I could have been there to see it...hope you all have a safe trip home...see you in August!

DarkxKitty said...

very coool
the human drum!!!
I remember it that part of the gig in chile
was very nice!! and funny!!aaawwwww
the last gig! T__T
Now you are resting after many trips!
I hope you come more often to Chile .....
Here we love you guys !!.... and thus be able to get a photo with you or autograph .. since the February 21 was not possible
.... kisses and
keep rocking!!!

Cecilia said...

Terve Elias!!

Thank you so much for the American latin tour guys! We hope you come soon to Buenos Aires and to the rest of latin America.

You must rest now!
I love you all Sonata, specially you Elias =)

Kisses, Cecy

p/d: The part of the human drums is fucking brilliant!! We will rock you.!!

WhiteWolf said...

Thank you for this blog! I'm so sad that it was your last show on this tour because it means no blog to read for a while:( It has been really interesting.
I hope SA will come to Estonia some day then you don't have to travel that far from home and all fans here can meet you too;)
Good luck to you and all SA members!
~Greetings from Estonia

Herman said...

Awesome concert!! Even better than the last one, thanks a lot guys you really rock!, hope you come back.

P.S. Elias, you really are a kick-ass guitar player. Thanks for the pick! :)

Reny said...

I really want an Autograph mate ... And i called to the "circo volador" so that they could tell me if you were doing an autograph seasson and they said ... "NO". It's so fuckin' sad now that i know that you did one but anyways ...
On of the hell show ... just fuckin' awsome. That thing you all guys did in "Wolf and raven with Fullmoon" was just AMAZING.
Just before you played We will rock You i was screamin the name of that song and some guys were like ... wtf? quite funny actually.
The show just ... Fan FUCKING tastic.
And That Solo Elias was awsome.
Why you never play Shy at live? It's an amazing song.
Those two concerts in Mexico city have been just so fuckin amazing.
Anyway guys you really rocks ...
Good luck in europe.
Plz come back soon not like in two years as Tony Said n.n

By The Way ...
Keep Rockin' All The Fuckin' Way Mates.

Rodrigo said...

I believe the UNIA Tour was magnificent. I hope you enjoyed as all we did, that's the only thing that matters, 'cause at the end only the good memories remain. I'm just so happy you traveled so very far away from Finland only to give us a wonderfull show. We'll never find the way to thank you enough as you desserve to. All I can do is wait for your next visit. Argentina, Chile, Brasil, Mexico, Peru, the whole Latin America is open for you, as a Sonata's member or simply as a tourist (xD). You're a great musician, did you know that? You gave Sonata Arctica a new image and blessed the stage with your charisma and happiness and the fans really appreciate that. There is a long path for you to walk and lots of doors opened from now on. You must take all the oportunities and be thankfull for all the good things. Now you did it, take a good rest and be ready for the next step. Life's full of surprises. I want you to know how big is the affection we all have for you, so recieve this BIG HUG from all the fans down here. Don't stop the posting, so we can know how you're doing the next days. I hope you can keep on living your dreams and lighting the world with your amazing music. Make Tony, Henkka, Marko and Tommy feel that hug from all of us.

Greetings from Mendoza, Argentina (The Capital Of Wine)!!!

miessa said...

I did an e-mail and this blogger account just for commenting.
I have no words to say what was the show in são paulo. I am really happy until now, it was completely awesome.
Actually, I can hardly believe that you - elias and sonata arctica- are going to read what I am writing right now.
I just want to say: "greetings from brazil! it was very cool =D"
I´m hoping it takes less than 6 years to you come back =D
see yaaa

miessa said...

kiitos =D

eternalmetal said...

we are sonata arctica chile fans
how are you??
you,use messenger''
my messnger

all the best

Antto;) said...

wow! its soo sad that it was your last gig!
I HOPE U enjoyed the tour as much as we did!
now u'll get some time to recharge your batteries and hopefully u'll visit us again soon!

thanks for the ameasing memories of your gig in Buenos Aires!

Im right there with u exxcalibur i want to see the videos from argentina too!!


P.s: hope u like the gifts we gave u at the airport!

Nath ^^ said...

Ohh Pleeease Elias! Please!
Don´t leave us!

Make a new blog, or something, but keep talking about your days, how is your working doing... Make new post once on a week, in necessary, but can´t you keep this contact? :/

Miss your writing already, and that´s something weird for me. Miss your guys too... Your blog made me feel closer to Sonata :/ Weird³, I know x)

The best for you all.

Elizabeth said...

Hello, boys
Thanks for all, cause his music changed my life and when played Caleb... i wanted cry...
In certain form from the first time that I listened to it I identified with that song...
oh well, I even want to confess that some subjects that almost I did not like ended up liking I...
Single I have left to say thank you very much to return because the last year I could not go them to see in addition that they touched my favorite songs like Wolf & Raven and 8th commanment
was a magic night


Paula said...


I couldn't visit this blog for a long time, but I've seen that you had a good time (well, as allways), which is good to know :)

What can I say... thanks to you too!

Awesome video! I love when Tony does all those games.

By the way, today I know that you are going to play in Spain this summer, so... see you there! =D


atashi said...


I'm Paulina from Chile... Thank you... for your words, for this blog. I saw you in Valparaíso... wow! it's amazing, the best day of my life, really, I can`t explain... the emotion I felt it was awasome.

Thank you Sonata for your beautyfull and amazing lyrics and sound.

atashi said...

I' m Paulina from Chile. Thank you for your words and your blog... I saw you in Valparaíso, I felt I was dieing, it was so awesome, really, it was absolutely fantastic... I hope with all my soul you come back to Chile some day...
Thank you Sonata for your amazing lyrics and sounds, because your songs are absolutely beautyful

Maria said...

Hi E.Vil!!!

that Show was perfect...

Thanks for your comments and everything about you

I love U


Residuo Nuclear said...

I was a Hit-Hat in that human drum!!! Nice and great night in the Circo Volador, Mexico City, I was there only 6 months later to the 1st Sonata's concert, of course, I came both ones!!! I would like to get a copy of this video, if it's possible. Thanks

mikelankelo said...

I hope you come back to México soon! Both concerts were awesome.... wooo, those good old days.....
I'm happy because I'm going to the 70000tons of metal, the biggest floating metal festival ever! I saw you are going too! So greaaat!!