Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lima, Peru

3.3.08 Lima, Peru

Heräsin taas joskus ties koska. Aamiaisaika oli jo ohi, joten tilasin huonepalvelusta jonkun voileivän. Oli tarkoitus lähteä soundcheckin jälkeen vähän kartsalle shoppailemaan, mutta hotelli oli aivan keikkapaikan vieressä. Fanit olivat jo kerääntyneet jonottamaan, joten emme olisi varmastikaan päässeet rauhassa mihinkään. Päivä meni melkolailla hotellin vankina..
Keikassa ei ollut valittamista. Keikan jälkeen luikittiin nopsasti hotelliin, koska emme olisi varmaankaan päässeet elävänä pois. Fanit olivat niin kärkkäästi ja nopeasti vaanimassa nimmareita. Promoottori toi meille hotellin baariin nipun nimmaroitavia pääsrylippuja ja julisteita ym. Promoottori piti meistä kyllä hyvää huolta. Pyykit pestiin ja koko ajan oli kylmälaukku täynnä kaikenlaista juotavaa, niin hotellilla kuin automatkoilla. Erityismaininta siitä. Kiitos Perulaisille ystävällisestä vastaanotosta!

03/03/08 Lima, Peru

I woke up in my room god knows when...Breakfast time was already over, so I just ordered somekind of sandwich to my room. After the sound check we were supposed to go shopping a little bit, but since the hotel was right next to the venue we thought we couldn´t go without disturbance…So the day went by staying at the hotel. No complains about the gig. After the show we sneaked out back to the hotel. If we would have stayed signing we were told that we might not get away from there alive..Maybe this is a little bit overrated but anyway, there were so many eager fans. Our promoter from Peru gave us some tickets and posters from the fans so we autographed them at the hotel´s restaurant. We were taken good care in Peru. Our laundry was washed and there were cold drinks available all the time even at the hotel and in cars. Thank you Peru for being so kind and generous! See you next time!


DreamVic said...

Awesome show in Perú!!!
Thanks for all guys!!! it will be a unforgettable show!!! come back soon!! :-D
See you guys!!!

tz said...

=D yeah you rock that day. It just was AWESOME!!! plz come back soon, Sonata's fans in Peru can wait forever for you guys. hope to be there again.

Alfredo said...

one of the bests concerts in my live, only cose of you, good performance, good music, still Heavy!!!!!!!! arrrrrrggggggggg!!!!! see you next time, I hope see you again, yeah!

Patricia said...

Hi guys! The concert was amazing! I enjoyed every single song, everything was perfect. Thanks for visiting my hometown Lima and I hope you come back as soon as possible. I can't wait to see you again:):):) Take care!

Chris-Lima-Peru said...

Hello boys incredible concert I wait to turn them to seeing soon

N3CRØ said...

This concert will be unforgettable for everybody, especially for me,
Thanks sonata!!!! I hope you will return to Peru again :D byeee

pd: Put more photos on your stay in peru pls :D

Photo 1

Photo 2

breebo said...

Return to Peru please!, I couldn't go to the concert and I regret it sooo much. Come again please, you have a lot of fans here.

DMG said...

hey guys... you were just awesome, i was expecting that u could sign autograhphs after the gig , but u just run away!!! Please come here again... and SOON!!! love ya!! (Grant me a Wish my Master)

R4M!RØ said...

Oh man... I'm so jealous of you guys T_T
I couldn't go to the concert, the concert for which I waited all my life!! A friend who could go finally took home a piece of one of Tommy's sticks!! Oh and he told me the same as you: IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

Sonata, please, please come back to Peru someday... Give another chance to me and all your Peruvian fans who couldn't go!! I won't fail you this time!! Looks like your 2008 schedule is full, so hope to see you next year!! ^__^ I don't care how much time I need to wait!!

s1t0 said...

SOnataaaaaaaaaa hey!!!! i was late in the concert, i only listened like 4 or 5 songs T_T but was awsomeeeeeeee was the best concert ever i've gone, here in Peru we love you so much we hope you come back soon.The quality of your songs are the best! your compositions are so incredible!!! you do really music!!! the sound in the concert was was... omg!! it was like in your cds! !! You are really professionals! we love you here! we hope you come back soon! (i'm repeating all that because i wish it a lot) ^^ YOU ARE THE BEST

rodrigo said...

The concert in Peru was great!!, there were another great concerts like Helloween and gammaray and megadeath but the best was sonata's, you need to come here as soon as you can you have a lot of fans that couldn't go!! the next concert here is gonna be massive we hope to see you next year and every year! i'm gonna get a tattoo in honor to my favorite band! thank's for the music and great lyrics!!

alejandro said...

guys i couldn't get the money for buying one ticket :( but i stayed out and listened and was omfg! amazing

now i work, i'll be in the frontline xD please guys :)

keep it up =)