Friday, November 21, 2008

Antwerp, Belgium

20.11.08 Antwerp, Belgia

Eilinen toistui jälleen tuon nukkumisen osalta. Sen siitä saa kun täytyy kukkua pikkutunneille. Mutta ei sitä oikein untakaan tahdo saada suoraan keikan jälkeen, kun keho ja mieli käy kierroksilla. Sielu on tulessa! Heh…Takahuoneessa haiskahti hiukka home ja seinät oli silmin nähden märkiä..nooh, ei kaitsiinä..Kuunneltiin läppäriltä motivaatiomusaa mm. Maidenia. Mötiköitä, ja kaikkea “klassista”! Siinähän sitä piristyi. Kuteet niskaan, pari bissee huiviin ja lauteille. Mukavaa oli! Keikan jälkeen nähtiin faneja ja silleen.

11/20/08 Antwerp, Belgium

This afternoon was a replay of yesterday what comes to sleeping. Well, that´s what you get when you have stay awake the whole night. It´s impossible to get sleep right after the show because of your mind and body are still over active. And the soul is on fire!!The back stage smelled a bit like fungus and the basement walls were wet. Oh well..We listened to some motivation music from Henkka´s laptop like Maiden, Motley etc. True classics! The music woke us up a bit so, changed clothes, had some beers and went on stage. Had some god time on stage again! After the show we met some fans.


Fredric said...

Really enjoyed Sonata's show in Antwerp on Thursday night!!! I loved the interaction with the audience for the lets-make-a-drum-solo-with-the-fans part, and Fullmoon & Caleb where superb.
I'll be there when you guys pass Belgium again!

PS: hoped to catch one of those plectrums... but alas. Have any spare ones left? :)

Corine said...

Your show in Antwerp was great.
My little daughter from 9 years old was so happy to see you life and she really enjoyed it.She is a big fan of your music. Since thursday she wears your t-shirt all day long. It's so funny to go with the whole family to concerts and see that everyone enjoy it.
Please, come back to Belgium. We will be there again.