Monday, November 3, 2008

Oslo, Norway

1.11.08 Oslo, Norja

Soitimme Rockefeller-nimisessä paikassa. Oikein oli mukavat puitteet vetää. Iltapäivällä köpöttelimme Hard Rock kahvilaan syömään Henkan ja Tonyn kanssa. Siellä olikin joku Halloween teema-ilta menossa. Toinen lämppäribändimme, Pagan´s Mind, tuli Oslon keikalta mukaan kiertueelle. Heidän kanssaan kiersimmekin Iso-Britannian tuossa keväällä.

11/1/08 Oslo, Norway

We played at a place called Rockefeller. Pretty decent venue. In the afternoon we walked to Hard Rock Cafe to have something to eat with Henkka and Tony. There was somekind of Halloween theme going on, it was nice. Our second opener Pagan´s Mind also arrived to the venue. We were touring with them last spring in Great Britain. Nice!


Camilla said...

I saw you guys in the main street in Oslo, probably on your way to Hard Rock Cafê then ;)
And i must say, i almost missed your show because i managed to leav my ticket behind, about 7 hours drive away.. Luckily a man sold me his spare ticket!
Thank you for the SUPER show! :D

Marianne said...

I was there to watch you guys both this year, and last year, and I have to say, you guys are amazing on the cd's and DVD, but nothing is compared to live <3 Rock oN!

- Marianne

Anita said...

Thanks for a great consert, looking forward to seeing you again next year :)

Silje said...

Thanks for a great concert, a signed guitar pick from Elias and (the good half of) the setlist ;)

Hope you guys come back next year, like TOny halfway promised and got all of our hopes up.

P.S. Vanishing Point was a great choice for support band!!!