Saturday, November 8, 2008

Utrecht, The Netherlands

4.11.08 Utrecht, Hollanti

Lähtö hotellilta oli aamuviideltä, joten unet jäi aikas vähiin. Onneksi sai jatkaa unia bussissa. Utrechtiin päästyämme kävimme pienellä kävelyretkellä keskustassa. Paljon oli butiikkeja, mutta mitää ei tullut ostettua. Ibanezilta oli Mick katsomassa meidän keikkaa. Markolla on nyt kanssa kokeilussa Ibanezin basso. Hyvin meni keikit taas ja kivaa oli myös!

11/4/08 Utrecht, The Netherlands

The buss call was 5 am, so the sleep was quite short…Luckily there´s bunks in the bus. When we got to Utrecht we took a little walk in the centre of the city. Lot´s of stores there but I didn´t buy anything. Mick from Ibanez was there to see our show. Right now Marko is trying out this Ibanez bass. Very good show and some fun again!


Susannah said...

Yeah, I saw from some pix that Marko was using a new bass. He should keep that's sick! (And he should sell me his Fernandes......) And don't forget the pix of Henkka's acoustic bass! (Hope you're still managing to get some sleep...)

Denise said...

Hi Elias,
Your show was great in Utrecht! You played some of the songs that I wished to hear live for a long time. I thought I saw something different on Marko, last time I saw you guys play he had a very nice green bass. This one also looked good on him though ;). I'm looking forward to see you play again!
Best wishes, Denise

Maerko said...

It was great having you playing you in Utrecht. The stage wasnt big, but you werent playing less for it.

Thanks for a great eve!
Marco (aka Maerko)