Monday, November 3, 2008

Hamburg, Germany (Day Off)

3.11.08 Hampuri, Saksa (välipäivä)

Saavuimme iltapäivällä Hampuriin. Käytiin syömässä Tonyn ja Tommyn kanssa hotellin ravintolassa. Aika hienostihan me söimmekin, oikein oli alkukeitot ja kaikki. Saimme kuulla, että hotellissa on myös Sauna, ja sinnehän me riensimme kylpemään. Henkka oli käynyt ostamassa akustisen basson bussiin, hyvästi rauhalliset yöt..Loppuilta otettiin rennosti..

11/3/08 Hamburg, Germany (Day Off)

We arrived to Hamburg in the afternoon. We went to have a bit with Tony and Tommy at the hotel´s restaurant. We ate pretty fancy, got some soup for starters and everything..We found out that there´s a Sauna also in the hotel and of course we went there! Henkka bought this acoustic bass, so good bye to pieceful nights…The rest of the evening we just chilled out…I´ll put a picture of Henkka´s bass here soon!


Paula said...

Elias, I see you a bit collapsed with the diary... ;) Oh, well, it's ok anyways. Can't wait to see some pics :P

"Henkka bought this acoustic bass, so good bye to peaceful nights…" Haha, you made me laugh with this sentence.

Two shows left for Barcelona, yay!

Stuart said...

It is good you had a day off friend. I can only Imagine how much work it is to be in a band and to learn so many solos and scale patterns on a guitar.

When I saw you In LA in the USA at the Wiltern, I was sad that Sonata Arctica did not have a longer set. I feel you are much more worthy of a longer set hahaha. Especially after the year before. You're technique is outrageous! I finally learned to keep my hands flat on my instrument.

Someday You will have to tell me your favorite scale! I've been searching for a good one to really study, and become familiar with. I hope you can on the next album add some more unique sounds to sonata arctica. Sonata Arctica will sound more like Steve Vai maybe? haha

good luck on your tour /m/

Marc Costa i Sitjà said...

Hi Elias,

I have been in the Paris concert today, GREAT SHOW, has been amazing, I have seen you (well not always with you actually) yet 4 times, this one the best ever you keep on getting better, like good wine, or even good beer.

Nice setlist... including pearls like WPBO, Draw me and Last drop Falls, the crowd was also amazing.

I will also be in the show in Barcelona as a coincidence is my birthday also.

I found it weird... because Toni explained the context of the song Draw me today... I use to publish in my blog some narrative stuff and not long ago I worte a story inspired by Draw me... quite close to Toni's inspiration... it's in spanish, you can check it out:

If you guys are interested I can translte it to English, would be great to meet you in Barcelona, could invite to some beers xD.

Nice long journey, see you in Razzmataz!

PaMy said...

hi elias, how are you ?
Y'm very happy because tomorrow i see your in barcelona :) I look forward with much enthusiasm.

Have 1 ask Tony, Marco, Henrik, Tommy and you can autograph my cd ?

I see you later ^^

good luck!