Saturday, November 8, 2008

Barcelona, Spain

7.11.08 Barcelona, Espanja

Soitettiin jälleen Razzmatazz-nimisessä paikassa, ”rasvatassu” kavereiden kesken. Iltapäivällä teimme Tonyn kanssa yhden haastettelun ja noin yleensä ottaen otettiin rauhassa. Itse pelailin hieman PSP:tä, kun ei kaljaakaan viitsi aamusta iltaan lipittää (vitsi…) Fanien puolelta oli oikein lämmin vastaanotto ja oli mukava soittaa. Keikan jälkeen bussilla odotti melkoinen lauma faneja, jaoimme nimmareita ja hengailtiin hieman siinä ennen kuin täytyi taas jatkaa matkaa.

11/7/08 Barcelona, Spain

This Razzmatazz-club that we played in was familiar to me from the last time we played here last fall. In the afternoon we did one interview with Tony and basically chilled out. I played PSP, because i can´t drink beer all the time. (joke…) There was a really warm welcome from the fans again. After the show there were a big bunch of fans at the bus so we hung out a bit until it was time to go on again…


Paula said...

Arrggh, stupid me. I missed meeting you again... I waited a little, but I didn't know if you were going to come out or not, so we finally went home.

But anyway, awesome show!! My best Sonata concert ever! =D This time I saw everything perfectly, because I was at te back of the venue and there the floor is in a higher level. I had lots of fun, you guys rocked :)

Have a nice stay in Spain! ^^

Marta said...

Your yesteday's concert was great!!
I hope that you return to barcelona soon.

I hate not being able to speak english correctly... U_U

PaMy said...
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Ramon Gonzalez said...

I was at the Barcelona show and it was awesome!
Thank you!!

We hope see you guys again next year!

Àlex said...


I was taking fotos at your concert in Barcelona. You can see that at my webpage:

I hope you like it.

Thank you for your time,

Yours faithfully,

Àlex Carmona

Matt said...

Hey Elias, I just bought your solo album "Taking the Lead". And I just wanted to say that I think it is VERY good. I know it is hard to create an album based solely on guitar, but you did it extremely well. "Northern Breeze" is my favorite, and I'm looking forward hearing you on the next Sonata Arcita album. Anyway, thanks for doing these blogs, and I hope you have a good rest of the tour.


Deidameia said...

Haha this photo is great! lol
You really look tired :P

an_23 said...

I was in the concert and it was FANTASTIC! it was the second time that I saw you and I will repeat in the future ^^
Some people have said to me that you, after the concert, did photos with fans! next time I will wait, I want a photo with all of you! :)

Good luck in the Tour!

mirai_moon said...

This photograph seems to become tired really and to sleep soundly |-I .
Please take a rest slowly and sleep :) .

Hope u'll take good care :) !