Saturday, November 8, 2008

Paris, France

5.11.08 Pariisi, Ranska

Pariisissa bussimme ei mahtunut olemaan keikkapaikan läheisyydessä trafiikin takia, joten jouduimme hengailemaan koko päivän bäckärillä. No hulluksihan siinä meinaa tulla, joten otimme jälleen jalat allemme. Kävimme syömässä ja apteekissa ja ruokakaupassa ostamassa shampoota ;-) Keikka taisi olla jälleen loppuunmyyty, oliskohan ollut about 1000 henkeä. Oikein oli kiva vetäsy!

11/5/08 Paris, France

In Paris our tour bus could´t stay at the venue because of the trafic and all, so we had to hang out in the back stage all day. It almost drove us nuts so we decided to go for a walk. We went to eat and to the pharmacy and also we bought some shampoo from the super market, rock & roll! I think the show was sold out again, about 1000 people, had a blast, once again!!


Susannah said...

"also we bought some shampoo from the super market..."

Yeah, you guys need to take care of that glorious hair! You could be hair models! ;-)

let my art speak said...

The show was sooo greaaat =D
Thanks so much for it, we loved it. I went with 4 others friends, no one of us were absolute fans and I and my best friend only had The Collection album.... the others just listened to you a little.... but they came too!
That was so fantastic =DDD
We just worried a little bit about the sound, first part's was saturated and we couldn't really hear the singer :s
But yours was perfeeect^^
LoL I think you understood you have a new fan^^ I have to buy more songs for the next show =P (and T-shirts XD)

I hope we'll see you soon in Paris! I loved the idea of singing Queen (I'm an absolute fan^^) and make us do the drums.... we are sheeps XD (Black Sheep ;P )

666Evil said...

Yeah! Come again and again!! You're welcome!! =P

Fikmonskov said...

I was there, first Sonata show for me... and it went really great :)
I also took some pictures, which are not (too) bad, I think. They are there :

Thank you, and hope we'll see you soon in Paris again :)


Philippe said...

Yeah!!! that was a memorable gig!! First time I saw Sonata on stage. And it was hard to get to the front row :D
A shame I couldn't stay afterwards to meet you (I heard you met some fans before leaving). And,..... what a guitar solo! You rule!
Please come back soon again!