Monday, November 17, 2008

Maribor, Slovenia

15.11.08 Maribor, Slovenia

Nyt päästiin ekaa kertaa Sloveniaan soittamaan, joten oli jännää. Meitä odotti mukava ja innokas yleisö ja oli hieno soittaa. Lava oli aikas pieni, mutta muuten suihkut ja kaikki tarjoilu oli oikein kohdallaan. Fanejakin tavattiin keikan jälkeen.

11/15/08 Maribor, Slovenia

It was our first time in Slovenia so it was exciting for us to play there. There was a really nice and eager crowd waiting for us. The stage was quite small but otherwise everything like the showers was totally great. We met some fans after the show again this time. Good show!


Urška said...

The stage was small, the place wasnt big either... But I hope every concert you give is a bit different and special from all the rest.
Seeing and listening you live was special for us and I hope we have left a nice (and not just tiring) memory for you aswell.
We expect you again...

Jakob said...

Nice meeting you after the gig :) And the show was awsome as well + some girl was all over me douring it :) Hope to see you again in our little country soon.

Tina said...

you were awsome guys <3<3<3 thanks for coming ... we were waiting for you so long time :)
Enjoy your last days in tour then refill your energy and visit slovenia soon.
Stay as you are guys, you are the best.
Kisses from Slovenia

Yuni said...


The show was awesome :)
We were glad to see you after the show - thanks for the PICs and autographs :D Already have it framed on the wall :)
I hope you will really come next year too - we will be there :)

Maja & Anja

Music is life, life is music... said...

It was great...we wait for you guys a long time! I hope you will come soon. The sooner the better!!

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