Saturday, November 22, 2008

Riessen, The Netherlands

21.11.08 Riessen, Hollanti

Oujee..Saatiin keikkapaikalla oikea baari takahuoneeksi. Tilaa oli temmeltää..Mentiin sound checkiin..lavalla haisi hirveä oksennus ja kukaan ei tiennyt mistä haju oli peräisin. Meinas laatta lentää ei sitä hajua sitten illalla enää huomannut..onneksi. Catering oli vimpan päälle taas. Keikka taisi olla jälleen loppuunmyyty. Nyt täytyy sanoa, että oli oikein erityisen kiva fiilis soittaa. Keikan jälkeen hengailtiin fanien kanssa hieman ja Pagan´s Mindin basisti Steinar viihdytti meitä eksoottisella “tansilla”…

11/21/08 Riessen, The Netherlands

Yeah! We got a whole bar for back stage, so cool! We got the sound check and there was this smell of puke coming from somewhere. I almost threw up! Oh well, but the smell was gone in the evening..But the catering was brilliant this time around. And the show was sold out I think. I must say that it was really nice to play this evening, I don´t know why it felt so special. Sometime it does I think..After the show we met some fans and Pagan´s Mind bassist Steinar entertained us with some exotic “dance”…


alex said...

i was there, you were great!!
i have your lightheadband thingie :D

that smell was ineed horrible but when you started to play it was gone, but when vanishing point and pagan's mind were playing it was horrible

thanks for the great show!!

mirai_moon said...

:-< !
Was there a nasty smell?
Various happenings happen easily at the performance.
However, because the smell disappeared when you performed, it was relieved.

Wow !
Nice pictures :D !
It is coool!
T-shirts of handmade Sonata Arcticas of girls of the fan are very lovely(Kawaii) :) !