Monday, November 10, 2008

Bilbao, Spain

9.11.08 Bilbao, Espanja

Viime kesänä käytiin soittamassa Kobetasonicin festareilla täällä. Nyt kuitenkin olimme ekaa kertaa Rock Star Live nimisessä paikassa soittamassa. Iltapäivällä herättiin soundcheckiin. Edellis-iltana juhlistimme hieman tulevaa isänpäivää. Saksalaista hirvi-limpsaa taisi mennä useampi pullo…Mutta onneksi saatiin hyvät ”mätöt”: nimittäin alkuruuaksi oli spagetti-boloneesea ja pääruuaksi pihvi ranskalaisilla. Tällä kertaa oli hieman pienempi yleisö kuin esimerkiksi eilen, mutta porukka oli kuitenkin ”täpinöissään”.

11/9/08 Bilbao, Spain

Last summer we payed in Kobetasonic Festival here in Bilbao. This time we played at Rock Star Live. In the afternoon we woke up to the sound check. On the folloving evening we celebrated the up coming Father´s Day :-) I think we emptied a few Jäger-bottles…But at least we got a good dinner, as a starter we got spaghetti bolognese and for the main dish it was steak with fries..Today it was a much more smaller crowd than for example yesterday, but the fans loved it!!


Deidameia said...

ohh!, really nice photos from your tour on Spain guys ^^
I'm a little sad because I coludn't go too see you this time, but I saw your show on Kobetasonik festival, and it was great!
Hope see you next time!

Kyrylys said...

I hope you enjoy the show as much as we did!!!

Also tell Tony than the Husky is a gift for all you guys, share it ^^

I hope that you liked it

Kisses and best regards, Rock tonight!!!

PS:Give one regard to the crew and all those guys from Vanishing Point and Pagan´s Mind. They are awesome, but a little less than you are ;)

Yoli said...

Hi Elias! Your concert in Bilbao was great, but I have a dude!! why did you not played "we will rock you" with the human drumkits? :( I missed it! I was last year in Barcelona and that was very funny for the concert...
I really enjoyed the concert but I m so sad cause I wanted get a pick and see you after the concert. I was looking for u but it was impossible... :(
Maybe next year? ;)


Shiesu said...

Hi!! I'm the girl that told you after the gig that always read your blog :)
Thank you very much for the amazing show and for being so warm with the fans!

I took a great picture from you in the gig, here is it if you want it:

Kiitos paljon!! =)

Marynarctica said...

Heeeeiiiiiii Elias !!!!! :D:D

Woaaaaaaaa I was there last night and you ROCKED it was woaaa so powerful!!!!!!!!!! It was the second time I saw you and I enjoyed it as the first time !! So thank you for all Sonata guys!

I was from the few fans who was waiting and waiting and waiting for you all after the show, and when finally you came to us my face turned so happy I can't describe it ! I'm so proud to have your sign in my Unia book cause I love you and all the guys so much.

I hope you'll put some pictures here?? Please please please !! :D it's so priceless and important for us all !!

With love,