Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Toulouse, France

10.11.08 Toulouse, Ranska

Soitimme Bikini-klubilla. Uima-altaat ja kaikki oli pihalla, mutta oli kuitenkin niin kylmä, ettei pystynyt mennä polskimaan. Venukka vaikutti kaikin puolin fiksulta. Keskustaan taisi olla jonkun verran matkaa, joten pelasin PSP:tä kiihkeästi muutaman tehokkaan tunnin. Normaalisti en pelaa hirveästi, mutta kiertueella ja varsinkin pitkillä lennoilla pari tuntia kuluu tosi nopsakkaan pelin ääressä. Keikka sujui jälleen ilman ihmeempiä kommelluksia. Porukkaakin taisi olla mukavasti yli 600. Keikan jälkeen taas normi Pitsa/ Jekku- linjalla mentiin, tavattiin muutama fani pihalla ja jatkettiin matkaa kohti Italiaa…

11/10/08 Toulouse, France

We played at the Bikini Club. There were swimming pool outside, mutta the weather was too cold to have a swim. The venue seemed to be ok in every way. The venue wasn´t located totally in the heart of the city so I just played my PSP for a couple of intense hours. Normally I don´t play that much, but on tour and on long flights it takes a couple of hours off easily. The show went ok without any big disasters. There were maybe 600-700 people in the audience. After the show it was time for pizza/ Jäger as usually..we met some fans outside and soon it was time to head for Italy…


Mikazuki said...

Thanks for the concert! It was awesome!
I wasn't with the fans you met (I hadn't the choice), but I when will you come back in France it will be different^^
Good concert in Italy =)

GiuSiL said...

And I'll be waiting for you here, in Italy, woah, that's just hours! Can't wait to see you guys again, this will be my third time (but I still haven't seen you, Elias, on stage yet.. I heard you really rock!).. Hope I get a chance to talk to you, even just a little, I really love you so much..! Cya tomorrow (wow, sounds weird! Well, I'll be the one with "weird", long red hair! ..and oops, I'm a girl! ^__^)

Marìa Celeste said...

Nice stories about the concerts :)
Have great concerts!!!
Hugs from Buenos Aires!

milokurt said...

Hello I was parmis all your fans November 10th has Toulouse in France it was enormous thank you has you

Marynarctica said...

Hei Elias !
Yeah it's me again, I think I did a mistake yesterday and posted a comment on "bilbao" instead of TOULOUSE !! So read it thinking it's about Toulouse, France :D

I hope you have a great time in Marseille (I believe you're here now)!!! France is a so beautiful country isn't it ? :P

With best wishes,


konny said...

hehe, you're writing finglish :D ...mutta the weather was...

see you in Oberhausen :)