Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Flight/ Sao Paolo, Brazil, Day Off

25.2.08 Lento/ Sao Paolo, Välipäivä

Lähdimme hotellilta kohti lentoasemaa joskus siinä puolenpäivän maissa. Lento Brasiliaan kesti about 4 tuntia. Oli pikkasen myöhässäkin. Turvatarkastuksessa kaveri kiitteli hyvästä keikasta. Ei ihan pikkutarkasti jaksaneet meitä alkaa tutkia...Mukavasti meni Brasiliaan saapuminenkin. Kentällä oli vastassa muutama fanikin. Hotellille päästyämme kello olikin jo ilta yhdeksän. Paikallinen promoottori tarjosi illallisen sellaisessa kunnon härkäravintolassa. Sai syödä niin paljon kuin jaksoi. Tarjoilijat tulivat pöytiin leikkaamaan lihan isosta köntistä suoraan lautaselle. Monenmoista filettä tuli syötyä. Illallisen jälkeen kiltisti hotellille. Meidän ei kuulemma kannata lähteä yksikseen käppäilemään. Täällä on niin paljon ”pimeitä paikkoja”...Tavattiin muutama fani siinä hotellin edessä vielä illalla. Kehuivat aikovansa päivystää koko yön keikkapaikan edessä, joka oli muuten ihan hotellin vieressä. Eturiviin hinnalla millä hyvänsä. No, siellähän ne huusivat koko yön. Onneksi mulla oli korvatulpat mukana, että sai nukuttua.

02/25/08 Flight/ Sao Paolo, Day Off

We left the hotel around noon. The flight to Brazil took about 4 hours. It was delayed a little bit..At the security check the guy was thanking us for the show. It was quite loose check for us then…Also, there was no problems entering Brazil. There a few fans waiting at the airport for us. When we got to the hotel it was already 9 o´clock pm. The local promoter offered us a dinner. It was in this local restaurant where you can eat as much meat you want. The waiters carried the meats on the plates and they cut the meat right in front of your eyes. We had so many different kind of meats. After that straight to the hotel. We shouldn´t be walking here alone. There´s so many dark places…We met some fans in front of the hotel at night. They were saying that they will stay in line the whole nights so that they get the front “seats”. The fans were shouting the whole night in front of the hotel. I had my ear plugs on so that I could sleep.


Maria claudia said...

Hahaha! The Brazilian fans are crazy!
I love this whole mess, went to the airport, but as work, failed to go!
I hope you have fun too in my country! It's charming and has cool people!

Kisses and Hugs!!!



Maria Cláudia said...

Hahaha! The Brazilian fans are crazy!
I love this whole mess, went to the airport, but as work, failed to go!
I hope you have fun too in my country! It's charming and has cool people!

Kisses and Hugs!!!



pachecogebaile said...

Hi Elias,

thanks a lot for the tonight show here in Sao Paulo. It was so amazing to see you guys playing in front of me and my girl... a trully gift for our weeding =D

I'd like to sugest a song to be played in the next show in Curitiba. Please, play Tallulah, for our brothers from the south.

And... about that restaurant you went, they are called "churrascaria" here in Brazil. I'm certain that there's none like this in another place in world. Like the metal shows here in Brazil.

I agree with Maria Cláudia when she says that the brazilian fans are crazy, and I hope the band thinks the same, and about the shows....

So, once more, thank you and Long Live Rock'n'Roll and Sonata Arctica !

Marisar said...

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Doum said...


sblum said...

Thank you, thank you and thank you !!!! A Milion times !!!!
For the great amount of patience you had with the hysterical fans in the hotel, for the amazing concert I had the chance to see, for being Sonata Arctica !!!
It was the best gig I have ever seen in my life !!!!
Please come visit us next year again !!!

Mari said...

The show was amazing. I just cannot describe it. After six years waiting, it was exactly what I was waiting for.
Thank you guys.

Nath ^^ said...

Elias, I reaaaaally wanna thank you guys. I was in the Sao Paolo show, here in Brazil.

It was the most exiting moment of my life. I´ve always thought that crying fangirls where pathetic, until I cry rivers of water wen you guys got to the stage.
I just can´t put that sensation on words. It was my life´s show.

I have no voice in moment, because I sang every song you´ve played. My feet are killing me, ´cause I just was jumping all the time :D and I still have a weird noise in my head, because of the perfect and loud sound. [Congrats to the audio/lightning guys! It was all just perfect!]. I just loved every second.

I can´t wait for you guys come back. [Please come back soon :].
Be damn sure that I will be there when you do :´P

The best for you all²²³²³²³

Fernanda said...
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Fernanda said...

Poor you! Hope you could sleep!
Brazilian fans are really mad about Sonata. I was in the line about noon and... Surprise!: there was already lots of people! I had to fight (yeah, against big guys smashing and hitting me) really hard to get a place in the front "seats". I'm not very tall, so it was the only way I could see the band playing (I was right in front of you, by the way). My legs are killing me but it was the best show I ever saw. Sonata Arctica is my favorite band and I couldn't wait to see you live and sing all the songs with Tony.

You're right about the dark places around the hotel and Citibank hall. I noticed this when I was going to the subway station, after the show, but, nothing to fear: the neighbourhood is very calm :)

Well, I loved to see you playing and hope you come back very soon. The Brazilian Sonata communnity on internet was very anxious for you to come. Last year a few fans tried to make some kind of petition to send to the promoters and show houses, so big was the wish to see you playing!

Thanks for the amazing night. Have fun and a nice gig in Curitiba!


Lucas said...

yo Elias...

I think that it was your first time on Brazil right? what do you think about my country before visiting us? hot as hell, isn't it? hehehe... the man of the north melting on the tropical heat.

it's nice to know that you have appreciated the local food and i hope that u all come back here to have more of it sometimes.

man, i want to say you something:
i've travelled more then 4000km (12 hours by bus), slept on a very small and unconfortable seat, waited for more then 12 hours for the show (8 hours on the line), cutting class and work only to see how good u are related to jani.


you are amazing, the show was terrific and all my sacrifice have been rewarded!

"muito obrigado" and have a nice day (with a lot of vodka, of course).

Patrícia said...

P.S.: Next time you come to Brazil, I swear I'll meet and greet you in the airport (I wanted to do it this time, but besides I didn't have the money - end of the month sux - my bf said to me that meeting bands in the aiport or something is a hysterical girlie thing, but you know what? f*ck him!!! hahahaha
I love him, but love all of you the same way...)
I need to see my biggest dream coming true: taking pics, autographs and who knows... hugging every one of you!

take care and God bless you all!