Thursday, February 21, 2008

San Diego, CA

19.2.08 San Diego

Käytiin aamulla shoppailemassa tuliaisia paikallisesta Walmartista. Just kun päästiin keikkapaikalle, bussista puhkesi rengas. No eipä siinä kauaa mennyt, kun se oli jo vaihdettu.
Käytiin kävelemässä kaupungilla. Syötiin ravintelissa ja shoppailtiin Hard Rock Cafessa. Ihan fiksu paikka on tämä San Diego.

Illan keikka oli House Of Blues-nimisessä paikassa. Tosi fiksu paikka, suihkut ja kaikki. Ei voinut valittaa...Keikan jälkeen tavattiin faneja bussilla. Muutama tyttö halusi letittää mun hiuksia. Vastasin myöntävästi ja eikä aikaakaan, kun mulla oli päässä 4-5 lettiä. Siinähän sitä hauskaa riitti.

Keikka oli sitten viimeinen Pohjois-Ameriikassa tällä kiertueella. Jäi paljon hyviä muistoja. Kiitos kaikille faneille ja erityisesti paitamyyjällemme Katrinalle ja bussikuskillemme Raylle.

02/19/08 San Diego

We went shopping in the morning to a local Walmart. Just when we got to the venue, we had a flat tire. It was fixed in no time. We went to have a walk in the city in the afternoon. We ate at a restaurant and did some shopping in Hard Rock Café. San Diego seemed like a decent place.

Tonight´s show was in House of Blues. Really nice venue, they had showers and everything. Couldn´t complain… We met some fans after the show again. Couple of girls asked if they could braid my hair. I said you can if you like. In now time I had maybe 4 or 5 braids. That was quite funny.

This was the last show of this North American tour. I had so much fun and good memories. Thanx to all of you fans. And especially thanx to our merch girl Kat and our bus driver Ray. We had a blast! See you all soon!


Christiania said...

Oh ma gosh!!! You really did put it in your blog!!! *pounce hugs*
Your hair is sooooo soft! lolz


Paula said...

Heyy, we want pics of the braids!! ;)

Paula said...
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Christiania said...

We has pics of the braids. ;-P I'll send them from

if you want them. *hugs to all*


Paulina said...
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Paulina said...

heei! :D i saw you and i have a pic with you<3

:) all of you were really nicee! :) thank you for coming, really :D it was pretty awesome.
i've seen sonata arctica 3 times.

hope to see you soon! :D
i'm the girl who went to Finland 2 years ago hahaha.. maybe you dont even remember me :) but it's ok xD

i'd love if you add me haha but i know it won't happen xD haha :)

mirai_moon said...

Moi! Hi!! Konnichiwa! :D
It is interesting (LOL) :D .!!!!!
They might be various hairstyle occurrence :) .
I like amusing happenings very much.
It looks forward to the good talk every day :) !
Nice pictures 8-> :) !!!!!
Very Very Happy 8-> :-)) !!!!!
Moikka! Bye! Jaane!

Tony's photograph is Interesting,Lovely,Cooool (LOL) 8-> :-)) !!!!!

Alix-Alix said...

YAY! We got mentioned in your blog :D That makes me happy ^_^ I really didn't expect you to say yes when I asked, it was fun though :D Your hair is the most soft i have ever felt, it was really cool that you let us do that. I also has pics and vids of the braiding if you want them :D

-hugs on-



Oh, dear. That's a rather unflattering shot of my rear in the braiding photo. Thanks, Marko. :P (I think I saw him filming from that angle.)

Thanks for being so patient and letting my friends play with your hair. It was a pleasure to see you and your talent in person.

Gabrielle said...

NOOOO!!!! I missed that concert, and I live in that city!! I couldn't find anyone over 25 to go with me.
*bawls hysterically*
Oh well, maybe Los Angeles!! My two favorite bands ever!! WOOHOO!!!