Sunday, February 10, 2008

London, ONT

6.2.08 London

Heräsin aamulla siihen, että joku irrotteli paineilmahylsyllä renkaita..No ajattelin, että jos rengas on puhjennut tai jotain..Päästäisiin kohta jatkamaan, mutta ei. Manageri tuli ilmoittamaan, että jarru on paskana. Kaikki ulos ja vaihdettiin bussia lennossa. Nyt alettiin olla tosissaan myöhässä aikataulusta. Ehdittiin nipinnapin Londoniin. Soundcheckiä ei ehditty tekemään. Ei siitä olis ollut paljon hyötyäkään. Nimittäin lavalla ei ollut oikein minkäänlaista monitorointiakaan..PA toimi vissiinkin monona ja kaikki subbarit tais olla pimeenä..Lisäksi olo alkoi olla aika flunssanen, taispa se kuumekin nousta..Netti nyt ei tietenkään toiminut, joten eipä siinä paljoa ollut tehtävissä..Keli oli aivan kauhea, jäätävää lumisadetta..Käytiin poikain kanssa Subwayssa vetäseen sämppärit..Keikka meni kyllä ihan mukavasti kuitenkin..Fanit oli odottamassa keikan jälkeen taas. Nekin kyseli, että minkä takia te soitatte tällaisessa rotankolossa...

02/06/08 London

I woke to the sound of somebody changing the tires..I thought that maybe we have a flat tire or something..We would be on our way soon..but no. The manager came to inform us that everybody out, we are changing the bus because the brakes are fucked up..We started to be late from the schedule..Just barely made it to London. We didn´t have time for sound check. It wouldn´t help so much either because there were no monitors on stage.The PA was working only in mono..Besides that I started to feel a little bit cold. I had flu. The internet didn´t work so there was nothing to do. The weather was terrible, Icy snow rain…We went to Subways with the boys. But the gig went still ok. We had a good time…After the show we met fans again. They were also asking what the hell for you´re playing in a hell hole like this?


The said...

Ahahaha Eliaaas!! Welcome to London Ontario where you see boxes to drop off your heroin needles on every corner (and much needed by the way). I may not have been from the "big city" but when I heard you guys were gonna play at The Embassy I was like... what the hell happened there... I'm used to driving out the other way every winter to see Arctica play @ Opera House in Toronto, not exactly a royal palace either but at least it isn't falling apart.

Not that I'm complaining; I got to see you all right up close like never before and it was the hardest mosh-pit ever we had in your honor, well it was the least we could do to show our great appreciation that you decided to put on a show at all. As soon as you stepped off the bus you must have thought you took a wrong turn... but seeing the band so close to home was a very pleasant surprise for us.

Just as long as you guys felt playing in London was a complete loss, no way, you made the show of a lifetime for a lot of your fans who never get to see you in our province, luckily I get to see SA play every year in Toronto but not too many London people have the chance. So just like to let you know we have amazing level of appreciation for you guys playing here, you & SA are the hardest rockers ever to step foot in London Ontario, that is a title you can bear proudly ;]

psycho57 said...

Hello Elias. I was suposed to be at the show to see you guys again (last time was amazing, most fun I've ever had, and thank you so much for the signed set list. Memories to last a lifetime), but we wern't able to make it through the snowstorm in time to get to the concert since it was a few hours of a drive. I really hope you will be returning to London, and am sure there will be a much bigger crowd with the better weather. Enjoy the rest of the tour and stay warm.

Oseriduun said...

It was amazing to see you guys again, I took *86* pictures during the show while you were on stage plus a few video's, but i missed the good stuff (like your audience drum-kit and the queen bit). The last time i saw SA was 2 years prior in Rochester, NY but had some major issues with my credit card at the time and couldn't buy any souviniers :(. This time i came prepared! Hah. It took us 5 hours to drive from Niagara Falls to London due to the weather conditions and the quantity of traffic on Hwy 403.

I'm a big listener of's #1 Heavy Metal station, spend alot of time talking with the station manager as well. It would be cool as hell for someone from sonata to pop in and say hello too! (

I also present 2 links for pictures i took during hte london show that are loaded up to facebook. There are quite a few good ones, though i had troubles getting some of the pictures i wanted (Instruments!! I'm a musician myself, i love pictures of instruments in and out of action hehe.)

Wish you guys could find a spot in Niagara Region to play. (St. Catherines, Fort Erie, Niagara Falls, Thorold, ect.. there are lots of venues that out-class the embassy in london by leaps and bounds)

On a side note, I was late getting to the show and only got to see the last 2 - 3 songs from Sanctity.. and what i heard made me happy i was late.

I also recently saw a poster on your MySpace page showing that you'll be hitting some North America dates with Vision of Atlantis.. Have they found replacements for the 2 members who left?