Wednesday, February 20, 2008

San Francisco, CA

18.2.08 San Francisco

Käytiin päivällä paikallisessa Guitar Centerissä. Ostin Metallican Master Of Puppets paidan. Oon jo pitkään halunnut sellaista.

Keikka oli hyvä ja porukka tuntui tykkäävän taas. Keikan jälkeen jaettiin nimmareita bussilla. Yhdellä kaverilla oli Master Of Puppets-huppari. Oltiin ihan samiksia.

02/18/08 San Francisco

In the afternoon we went to the local guitar center. I bought Metallica´s Master Of Puppets T-shirt. I´ve wanted it for a long time.

The show was awesome again and people seemed to like it. After the show we did some signing at the bus. One guy had a Master Of Puppets hoodie. We like bonded…


Nath ^^ said...

"One guy had a Master Of Puppets hoodie. We like bonded…". Hahahaha! I swear that I already felt this! When I was wearing Sonata´s shirt, by the way :)
Observation: MASTER! MASTER! (hahaha).
The best for you all.

Christiania said...

Glad you had fun there too. Can't wait to see your new entry!!! I have more pictures and video of the braids if you want more than just Marko's. :D Though I am sure he is great camera man.



Paula said...

Hehe, Master Of Puppets drawing rocks ;)

(yay, finally I know the meaning of "keikka")

Mari said...

Oh my. I am totally waiting for you guys to play here, just one week from today!

I first heard Sonata the day after the first and only concert here. THE DAY AFTER! When i heard the first notes from "Weballergy", I must say, I thought " This is the band of my life." Yes, it is. Six years have passed and I was waiting. Now you´re coming. And I'll be there. Thanks a lot for that opportunity. If you read this, Elias, can you say to the rest of the band that we are soooo happy that you are finally coming, please?

Are you going to make a Blog about the South America tour too?

Sorry for the possible (and very probable) english mistakes.

Brazilian very warm hugs!


Renata said...

join at mariana´s comment :D ! welcome board elias! im sure that the brazilian fans will like of your perfomance! so do I like a guitarrist of a power metal band too! Im very excited to see you guys alive and my mother too! yeah! im, 23 years old and my mother, 52 years old (probabily the older person at the concert) will be insaneee... i would like to meet you and do my mother know you alive.. but who knows, if you give me a clue (where can i meet you...) i ll remind you about the older fan in sao paulo that you all have.... hahaah an amazing concert to you all, here and the other places before and after this one! take careeeeee!

Sonata Arctica Rocks said...

Thank you for signing our VODKA - HUGS - you guys are so fantastic. Our son didnt care for you on cd, then we took him to the SF concert and he's hooked now. You will one day play @ bigger shows. Candy

Ivan said...

Sorry. Look please here

Daspah said...

The concert was great! Sonata rocks and you, Elias, are a great guitarist!