Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sao Paolo, Brazil

26.2.08 Sao Paolo, Brasilia

Aamulla heräsin ja katsoin ikkunasta ulos. Faneja oli alkanut kerääntymään ikkunan alle oikein toden teolla. Iltapäivällä käytiin keikkapaikalla hieman katsastamassa mestoja. Keikkapaikka oli tien toisella puolella, mutta meidät kyydittiin autolla, ettei tarvinnut kulkea siitä fanien keskeltä. Meillä oli myös videohaastattelu Markon kanssa erääseen nettijutskaan. Henrik soitti Metallican biisejä meikän kitaralla koko ajan niin että raikui. Varmasti kuului nauhalle.

Mentiin takaisin hotellille ja käytiin syömässä hotellin ravintelissa. Tarjoilija ei paljoa englantia hablannut. Täytyi tilata sormella näyttäen. Täällä Brasiliassahan puhutaan Portugalia, ja minähän en osaa sitä laisinkaan. Faneja oli kerääntyneenä hotellille ja aina ne nimmarin jos toisenkin sai haalittua meiltä. Sitten 30 minuutin power napit hotellihuoneessa. Ja olikin jo aika siirtyä autolla keikkapaikalle. Siellä oli asiat mallillaan. Takahuoneessa oli kaikkea tarjolla. Ja fanitkin tykkäsivät oikein kovasti meistä. Keikan jälkeen jaettiin hiukkasen nimmareita. Jollain tyypillä oli akustinen kitara ja porukalla lauloivat muunmuassa Backareiden I want it that waytä. Oli tosi mukavaa ja erittäin mukavia ihmisiä.

02/26/08 Sao Paolo, Brazil

I woke up in the morning and looked out from the window. The fans outside started to be louder and louder. In the afternoon we went to the venue to check out the place. The venue was right across the street but we were taken there by car so that we wouldn´t have to walk through the crowd. We had a video interview with Marko for some internet thing. Henrik was playing Metallica songs the whole time while we were being interviewed so I think it heard on tape.

We went back to the hotel for dinner in hotel´s restaurant. The waiter didn´t speak any English so we had point with our fingers what we would like to have. Here in Brazil they speak Portuguese and I don´t speak that at all. The fans were also gathered to the hotel so we did a couple of quick signings. Then it was time for a short power nap. After that we went to the venue to play the show! There was a nice catering at the back stage. We had everything. The fans loved us and we had some great time. After the show did some autographs for the fans. Some guy had an acoustic guitar with him and everybody was singing “I want it that way” from Backstreet Boys for example. We had such a good time and we met some really nice people.


Erin said...

Sounds awesome :D Whereabouts would we go to see this interview with Marko? Will it be on youtube or anything like that?

sblum said...

How come I never got to meet you guys ???? :P
I still want a picture with u !!!!

Samantha said...

Hi, Elias !! The concert was great, I loved it !! And it was really great, and very special, meeting you and the guys after the concert. You are not just a great band, but also very kind and nice guys !! I will never forget it, and I´m gonna make posters from the pictures we took together, because it was really an honour to me !! Please, don´t take so long to come back for another magical night !!! Greetings from São Paulo !!

Me said...

Hei Elias! I'm the black/white-striped-shirt girl who was there after the gig talking to you guys (the one who nearly broke her finger in the 1st row lol hope you remember). Well now I know you read your comments so I decided to leave one too :)
First of all, awesome concert! You guys totally kicked ass.
Thank you for being so extremely kind and patient with the fans... that's what makes you successful. I'm really glad you joined the band :)
And if you can, please say hello to Bill, the sound tech ;) haha I like him!
Take care and I wish you guys a great tour. And BE BACK SOON!!

cenorish said...

Elias...I was there... :)
I made some videos too...

add in messenger:

thank you

I love sonata

play Tallulah........ :)

Axel said...

Ey Elias! I hope that all of you guys have a good time on Brasil, here in Mty Mexico are sooooo excited and cant wait for the concert :)

I dont know if you can look if you are going to sign autographs on Monterrey, so, can you made a post here in the blog or send a mail :D to

Hope to meet you guys xD ,I want a picture with all of you :P

see ya!

Nelson said...

Hey Elias!
First, i'm glad you joined the band!
The show in São Paulo was awesome! We'll never forget that night, it was really special to us.



GuguTab said...

First of all, thanks a lot for the great show and for being so attentive to your fans! I managed to take a picture with you!

Hope you're back here soon!

Black§heep said...

Hey Elias!

First at all, Thank you guys, you totally show why Sonata is the best band actually.
Kind with the fans...
And the show ROCKS!
With no doubt, the best show of my life!Thank You!

Come back Soon. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack said...

Hei Elias!
Thank you guys for the great show!
I'd loved to read your blog...
Suukkoja ja haleja

Paulo Henrique said...

Hi Elias! I was there also, what a great concert! As always, you guys proved to be very nice to us, your great fans! I hope you enjoyed playing here (in Curitiba as well), and that you'll return soon to Brazil. It was stupendous, thank you! :)

i_chan said...

Hi elias!, I'm from argentina and I really really want to meet and greet the band!, but there is not a public event programmed, and there is not info about where are you staying here! or anything else, as i'm a SA listener/fan since i was 14 :$ (now im 21) i reaaally want to meet you all, and obviously take a picture!, can you help me here?

Greets and i'm reaaaallly looking forward to listen to you this saturday!!!


renatapetrelli said...

Elias!! my dearest friend from Finland! i already miss you, you know that? thanks for the best chat that i have in months, you really are a nice person! and im really glad to know you! by the way, i went to my job and i look like a sleepwalker all the time! yesterday i just sleep about 8 hours... but at friday, i sleep some... 23 hours huhauaha do you remember when i said it?! haha my mother already said to me put the fotos on my desk to remember! i would like (REALLY) to be in curitiba tonight! but i cantttttt holly sh...! well, i know that you will (again) do an amazing concert and play with that feeling we were talking about! congrats my dear!

take care, and probabily i see you in august!

kiitos (is this?)

Cellie said...

Hi, Elias :) You probably won't remember me, but I took a photo with you and Henrik at São Paulo's Airport. Well, it was the first time I saw you playing officialy with the band, so, I wanted to say welcome for you. You and the rest of the band did a really great job, the show was awesome.

Well, may good eyes see you in the rest of your tour. Take care, and thanks a lot for the picture.

Bye :)

Ps.: I think my funny and ironic dad talked to you at the Hotel, or Tommy, I don't know. Well, I'm sorry for every freakin' joke he could have done, he loves doind that things with people.

Cecilia said...

Hello Elias! I´m Cecilia from Argentina.

Finally, this Saturday you will be playing in Buenos Aires! I’m so anxious. =)
I would really like to meet and greet the band!, but I don’t have any kind of information about that kind of events. =(

I wish you a good flight to Buenos Aires. See you soon!!


Yuki said...

The concert in São Paulo was just great!!! I'm still smiling at nothing at all, just remembering the concert!
You played my favorite song ever, Shamandalie!!
And Elias, I hadn't seen you playing yet, in this concert it was the first time! Oh, you rock!! You are just great! You've got a new fan now >w<
I wish you guys can come back here soon!!! Next time I'll get a better "sit", so I can see all the members xD
Where I stood, I couldn't see Tommy, and I barely saw you ;.; But I could see Henkka and his beer XD
Tell him to drink less! It's not healthy!
I hope you will do a great concert in Curitiba today!

Janne Media said...

Hi, Elias!!!
I'm a little bit late but I would like very much to thank you guys for the Sao Paulo concert!!!
It was... .... AMAZING. There are no words to describe. Those were the best 2 hours in my life, and I'm so sad I couldn't go to the airport...
I'm sure all brazilian fans loved the show! We have to thank you guys for the pacience with the fans and we're so sorry for anything that could have bothered you (the noise, the non-english-speaker waiters, etc...).

Please, come back some day! We'll be waiting anxiously!

Lou said...
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Lou said...

I know I'm just one more of the sonata's fan, but I wanted to gratulate the band, the concert was really amazing. I was a bit ancious to see you playing, omg it was fantastic! Loved your solos ;D
The blog is great. Finish is such a cute script ^^"
Hope to see Sonata in Brasil again, hum?
I wish a succesfully tour...
see u soon (i hope)

Eduarda said...

Thank you very much for the pics and autographs!
Cant wait for the next gig!

Rodrigo said...

Sounds like it was great, huh? You have seen nothing yet, here the fans are really wild. Anyway, I hope you're enjoying the tour so far. I'll be there this saturday, I hope I have the chance to meet you. I made a flag for you, so if you see that crazy black-dressed dude with a flag in his hands know that it's me. We're anxoiously waiting for you. We truly love your music.

Greetings from Argentina!

Hyvää viikonloppua!


Tutti said...

Hm... Posting again just to say: I made an online album with the pictures from the Sao Paulo concert. They weren't taken by me, but by a lot of other fans, so I don't know if I can post the link here.
I'll keep the link on my blogger/blogspot profile for a while. The password to access is "sonataarctica".

In addition, my "audio clip" url is a video of Don't Say a Word from this tuesday concert ^^

Nina said...


owwww i'm the first of the line :D

thats nice...

Congratulations for the convert, you are good! I trust you in sonata arctica!

Nina said...

The beatifull concert of my life.

Thanks sonata arctica

Thanks alias, you are very good!
I hope you be happy un this band :)

Thanks sonata, thanks for every word, every song!


Have a nice turne!

take care!

Thanks to meet you!
Its the better expirience in my life.

thanks for listen me, thanks!!!

Alias enjoy the show!!!
Because you are very good!

Don't care about stooped coments. We know you can!
oww... if be posible, please say he is wonderfull, and he do the best concert of my life. OWh YOU boys do the best convert!
thalks one more time!

I sleep in the streat to be the first in the line, and you came in hotel!
Thats... thats incradable.

OK...i gonna stop. Its gonna be boring...

Have nice turne, Have a nice life. HAve nice moments!

All the best for you guys!

Goood luck EliAS!

byyeee !!!

MAu said...

YEAH! I´m in the photo!! I´m the guy in the left corner looking at the camera! I´m so happy! =D
The show kicked ass!! I hope you guys liked too and come here again soon!!!Elias, you ROCK!!! Thanks again for the photos and the autograph!!!

Lau said...

Hyyy, i was in São Paulo (San Paolo) concert! And it was greaaat, i cried when you played FullMoon and Shamandaile.
So Greeat!
Tnx for this unforgetable daaay *-*
Please, please get back to here right awaaaay!

And i was singing backstreet boys =x
nine hours waiting make peoplea cting crazy haehuaehuaehauehuae
But, we love you, and that´s all tha matters!
Come back soon!

Nath ^^ said...

[Sorry, I´ll just post it in the right place :]

Elias, I reaaaaally wanna thank you guys. I was in the Sao Paolo show, here in Brazil.

It was the most exiting moment of my life. I´ve always thought that crying fangirls where pathetic, until I cry rivers of water wen you guys got to the stage.
I just can´t put that sensation on words. It was my life´s show.

I have no voice in moment, because I sang every song you´ve played. My feet are killing me, ´cause I just was jumping all the time :D and I still have a weird noise in my head, because of the perfect and loud sound. [Congrats to the audio/lightning guys! It was all just perfect!]. I just loved every second.

I can´t wait for you guys come back. [Please come back soon :].
Be damn sure that I will be there when you do :´P And in the next time, I´ll get some autographs, photos and lots of hugs! xD

The best for you all²²³²³²³

Marcelo said...

Hey Elias!!! I got your pick and had it autographed by you after the concert!
I just wanna thank about the great show you guys gave! I hope you guys can come back every year!!!
And pleeeeease, go to Rio de Janeiro next time!!!!

Patrícia said...

HEYYY Elias!!!

My name is Patrícia, i also was at the concert in São Paulo!!!
Omfg, it was just amazing!!!! I used to have an idea of how you were good as a live band, cuz my bf were at the show in 2002, but wow!!! This time i was there, and it was simply UNBELIEVABLE!!!
and you know what? the ventilator thing was kicking ass!!! your flying hair was cute!!!
Please, don't take so long to come back, and next time i want to meet and greet you personally, cuz as i could see, you are not just a great band, but really nice guys too(maybe Tony is just too much serious?!)
i loved that imaginary hug...
sincere greetings from a huge fan from São Paulo!!!

Nique said...

Hi Elias!
First of all, I'd like to thank you for the great concert in São Paulo! I'd like thank the whole band if I could, but I'm sure you can pass on our thanks to the other guys too. I loved every second and had an amazing time!

I stayed the whole concert right in front of you, on first row, so I could see clearly how great performer you are! (I was right beside the girl who threw Tony's doll on stage).

I could take amazing pictures, specially from you. :D

Thank you again, I really hope you can come again for another concert in the future. The Brazilian fans love Sonata Arctica! :D


Otaku Hunter said...

(had to logout and use another account, don't wanna post here with my internet nick "Sonata Arctica" heheheh)

Man, great show!!! Best show ever!!! Worth every cent of my 2500 kilometer travel, a dream that finally became true =DDDDD
Couldn't meet you guys more personally since I had issues with flight times, getting the ticket and so on, but the music you guys played speaks for itself, it touches me in every way, and... wah, words are not enough to express my feelings for this best band ever called [b]SONATA ARCTICA[/b] =DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

ps: did you have a ventilator under you to keep your hair floating? =p

mika said...

And, like a person just said... I still want a picture with you guys! :D


Mikaella Fusco.

Erus Lupus said...

I was in São Paulo's show, and it was, as many others wrote, amazing!
Most people just can't put into words how much they enjoyed that moment, and I bet you guys from the band also did.
Some people did shameful things during the show (like the guy shouting "Fuck you" or the battery thrown at the stage), so I hope you guys from the band accept our most sincere apologies. Everyone from the band's brazilian community in Orkut (about 22.500 members) is upset about how shameful this kind of behavior is for all the fans, and the negative effect it may have on the band's overall view of the audience. So, if this makes you guys feel better, we also totally disapprove this kind of behavior.
I hope everything went right in Curitiba's gig, and I wish I had the commenting idea before, so I could suggest you guys another interesting "food adventure": the "rodízio" in a pizza parlor. It works just like the meat restaurant, but with pizza.
I'll just cut off the "lecture" and thank you all again for the great moment you provided us all. Be assured that Brazil will always receive you guys with arms wide open.
If you ever feel like chatting about the gig or any other stuff, my e-mail is (, I'll be glad to receive a message from you.
Thanks again and have a nice tour around South America.

Webby said...

Hey Elias, I'm Facundo, from Buenos Aires. Today I had the chance to meet you all guys in the hotel. I was the one that told you "you have my full support!" =)

And it's for real! Must confess that back in time Jani was my fave member and I felt very sad when he left, but I know he's not a member anymore and you are the guitarrist for Sonata Arctica, so you have my full support and at the show in Buenos Aires I'll be screaming your name, because you deserve for being so nice with people!

Take care!
And keep on rockin'

Lucas said...

I loved it!
And I love you guys xD
I hope that one day, when you come again, I can take some pics with you!

Sonata 4ever =)
You rock \m/

stefany said...

Hey,what´s up?
I was there too. The only word to describe it: perfect,in every way.
It was my first metal show,unforgetable ;)
I wish I had written a comment a few days ago but I was traveling back home and getting a few things done.
I can´t believe I didn´t meet you guys! When I knew that you met some fans after the show...What a lucky bastards!
I really wanted to stay,but thre was no way.
I hope you have had a good time here and that the rest of the band have enjoyed more this time than they did in their last time here in Brazil,so,maybe,you wouldn´t take so long to come back.
I´m still upset I didn´t see you.

Take care and make sure to rock
the next concerts!

See you someday!

Wesley said...

Hye Elias, thank for the great show
that you make here (sorry for mu english :S )

se u later

Tati said...

Hi Elias!!!
Iwas on the concert, it was very special to me!!! i'll never forget it.
I was on the first line, in front of Tonny...GREAT!!! xD
But I couldn't meet you..=(
I hope you come back soon, I'll be there!!! xD
And i hope i can meet you this time!! xD
And if you can add me in the messenger:

Luiz said...

Daaaamn hell!!!!!
I was right in front of you Elias!!!!!!
man...your solos are something... unexplainable!!! also those from Henrik... and I was standing right in front of your hotel... If I only knew that... I was right in front of the crownd and I got one of your Yellow picks!!!!! OMFG!!!!

Sonata really kick some ass!!! still waiting for your next gigs on Brazil!!! now I will gather some money... Nightwish will play here on November 8th... I will try to get some picks from Marco or Emppu...

I was very excited when I saw your sign ^^ I hope you read's been a time since the show but I only saw the blog now so...

Still want a pic with you all...
Still want to hear Sing in Silence live... but that's for the next show!

Good luck for you guys!

Michele said...

Hey Elias!

I don't know why I waited such a long time to post a comment here, specially when I come to your blog every day to see what are you doing, where you are, etc... but finally I came to do let you a message!

I just wanted you to know that I really loved the show you, Tony, Tommy, Henkka and Marko did here in Sao Paulo last February!!! It was amazing, a thing that I'll carry with me for the rest of my life...specially because of you!

I'm just too sad 'cause I wanted so hard to know you guys face to face and take pictures and I didn't had this opportunity! And I miss this show every single second of my life...

Please, come back to Brazil as soon as possible! I have to see you guys again...