Tuesday, February 19, 2008

San Francisco, CA, Day Off

17.2.08 San Francisco, Välipäivä

“If you going to San Francisco..” ja niinkuin laulu sanoo..auringonkukat hiuksissa. Meillä oli oikein leppoisa vapaa-päivä. Päästiin suihkuunkin..Käveltiin rantsuun shoppailemaan. Nähtiin Alcatrazin vankilasaari ja käytiin syömässä Hard Rock Cafessa. Merileijonatkin siinä pötköttelivät, niin kuin tapoihin täällä kuuluu. Täällä on yhtä paljon ylämäkiä, kuin alamäkiä. Vaikka välillä tuntuu, että ylämäkiä olis enemmän. Nähtiin myös maailman mutkittelevin tie, Crookedest Street. Tuli tehtyä oikein kunnon kävelyreissu, ihan kunnon turistimeiningillä. Porukkaa oli liikkeellä ja paljon, täällä on joku President´s Day pyhä, tai joku. Yleensä täällä ihmiset ajavat autolla joka paikkaan, mutta nyt tuntui, että kaikki olivat ”jalkautuneet”..No kai sitä kerran vuodessa voi vähän jaloitellakin...

02/17/08 San Francisco, Day Off

”If you´re going to San Francisco...”as the song tells. Sun flowers in your hair…We had a very relaxing day off. First we showered a little bit and then we walked to the beach. We saw Alcatraz prison island and ate at the Hard Rock Café. We did some shopping. Sea lions were taking it easy also…There´s a lot of ups and downs in this city. Occationally it feels like there´s more ups than downs…Also, we checked out the crookedest street. It was sick..We had fun like real tourists! There were a lot of people just hanging around. I think it was because of this President´s day. It´s a some kind of holiday here. Usually in this country people are driving to be somewhere. Now it seemed a lot of people had leave their cars at home and were by foot. I think it´s ok to do that once a year…



IceBreaker said...

Ei sentään mythbusters hemmoja näkynyt missään siellä? ;)

Dallas R. said...

i am glad you enjoyed our city here lol. i am seeing you guys at the concert at slims in about half an hour

the dark ride said...

Hola Elias y a toda la banda Sonata Arctica.
como ha estado la gira? . me imagino que agotadora , pero todo es por un bien en comun ,dandole alegria a nosotros y sentirnos tan bien al momento de escuchar Sonata Artica.
Yo soy del pais chile. en donde estaran en dos cuidades de aca, yo estare en el primer concierto de Sonata Arctica aca en chile, es mas gane un concurso para estar con ustedes el 22 en el teatro caupolican santiago de chile, si que estoy super feliz de poder conocerlos. a mi banda favorita!!! son lo mejor!!!!
Grande sonata arctica

espero obtener un poleron de udtedes de la gira! ,seria un sueño para mi, tener un poleron de sonata y que udtedes lo hayan ocupado!!!
sin nada mas que decirles . los esperamos aca , no tan solo en chile ,
sino que en sur america tambien!!!!!

Grande!!!!!!! Sonata Arctica!!!


se despide un fiel admirador de udtedes!!!

Leonardo Castañeda . santigao de chile


Hello Elias and the entire band Sonata Arctica.
As has been the tour? . I imagine that exhausting, but everything is a commodity in common, giving joy to us and feel so well when listening Sonata Artica.
In my country chile. Where will be in two cities of here, I estare in the first concert Sonata Arctica here in chile, is more wins a contest to be with you on 22 at the theater WRIGHTY Santiago de chile, if I am super happy to know them. My favorite band! Are the best!
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I hope to get a poleron of udtedes the tour! , It would be a dream for me to have a poleron of sonata and udtedes have occupied!
With nothing more to say. Wait here, not just in chile,
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Large !!!!!!! Sonata Arctica!


Bids farewell to a faithful admirer udtedes!

Leonardo Castañeda. Santigao of Chile

the dark ride said...

Elias !!!!! Vistame on my website.


cristina said...

how does an opening band go on before 10???
now I shall have to attend san diego as well

Paula said...


Oooh, today I read the text in finnish first and I could understand something. Cool!

Well, it's nice to know that you had a good day off and that you enjoyed it. By the way, nice pictures :)

Dallas R. said...

hey elias, the beach you went to was by my house! lol. i was at the show last time, long hair and a military jacket, maybe you saw me =p

mirai_moon said...

Moi! Hi!! Konnichiwa! :D
It is ..Sea lions.. lovely :) !!!!!
Nice pictures 8-> :) !!!!!
Very Very Happy 8-> :-)) !!!!!

It enjoys it.
It takes a rest.
Hope u'll take good care!!!!!
Moikka! Bye! Jaane!

Nath ^^ said...

Wow! Walking is very good for health, ya know. I try to do it every day, in one avenue that´s near my house. And I just loved the pictures. I wonder if you took them... Nice angles, by the way :)
The best for you all.

Ritchy said...

Wow San Francisco has basking sea lions! I must go there.