Friday, February 15, 2008

Vancouver, BC

13.2.08 Vancouver, BC

Tämä oli sitten kiertueen viimeinen Kanadan keikka. Käytiin päivällä syömässä Fajitaksia ravintelissa. Iltapäivällä tehtiin Markon kanssa videohaastattelu. Muuten meni aika lailla akkuja ladatessa. Vastapäätä meidän keikkapaikkaa oli soittamassa Wycleff Jean. Oli pikkusta verran pidempi jono sinne...Keikkabussimme olivat kuitenkin kujalla reteesti parkissa peräkkäin.

Takahuone oli melko pieni...Mutta kyllä me pärjättiin. Keikka meni mallikkaasti. Keikan jälkeen nähtiin faneja ja jaettiin nimmareita.

Aamuyöllä oli sitten rajanylitys. Kaikki ulos autosta ja passi kourassa juttelemaan viisaita tullivirkailijoille. Hedelmät ne takavarikoi autosta. Niitä kun ei saa ihan sillain vaan viedä rajan yli...

02/13/08 Vancouver

This was the last show in Canada on this tour. In the afternoon we went for dinner with the band. There was also a video interview scheduled for Marko and me. Otherwise we just pretty much chilled the whole day. Across the street from our venue Wycleff Jean was throwing a gig. The line to that concert was a little bit longer than to ours…But our buses were parked on the same alley so it was cool!

The backstage was pretty small…but we coped. The show went well again. After the show we met fans and did some signing.

Early in the morning it was time for border crossing again..Everybody had to get out of the bus with passports…Pretending to sober and everything :-) They took our fruits from the bus. They are not allowed…


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Paula said...

It's curious, my two favourite bands were in Canada the same days :)

What? Fruit is not allowed on the frontier? What a weird thing...

irene said...

Thanks so much for your show in Vancouver. TOTALLY AWESOME. With all the snow and freezing weather I wondered if you would make it to Vancouver after all. Even though there are fewer of us in North America we love you guys just as much as your thousands of other fans around the world and hope that you will be back again soon.

Love your blog and reading about the rest of your tour :-)