Saturday, November 17, 2007


16.11.07 Madrid

Iltapäivällä tuli taas herättyä. Pelasin PSP:tä varmaan joku 3-4 tuntia yöllä. Ja taas suoraan soundcheckkiin. Faneja hyöri siinä bussin liepeillä. Soundcheckin jälkeen lähdettiin vähän köpöttelemään kaupungille Tonyn, Ahtin, Tommyn ja Tapsan kanssa. Keskustassa oli paljon pikkubutiikkeja, mutta luultavasti oli joku siesta tai joku, kun näytti niin hiljaiselta. Eipä tullut ostettua mitään, mutta tulipahan saatua raitista ilmaa. Ja nähtyä vähän maisemia. Ruokakin oli ihan syötäväksi kelpaavaa. Pasta carbonaraa tai jotain sellaista. Ei tarvinut turvautua Burger Kingiin...Keikkapaikalla oli isot palmut keskellä salia. Siellä alkoi vielä disco heti meidän keikan jälkeen. Markokin innostui tekemään hieman valoja...Keikka meni taas ihan hyvin. Paikalla oli varmaan joku 2000 fania. Illalla meitä tuli tapaamaan joukko suomalaisia tyttöjä ja poikia. Ovat opiskelemassa Espanjassa. Tuntuu tosi hienolta pystyä puhumaan suomea täällä reissun päällä muidenkin kuin oman porukan tyyppien kanssa.

11/17/07 Madrid

Woke up in the afternoon. I played PSP for about 3-4 hours at night. Straight to the soundcheck. There were some fans outside the bus. After the soundcheck we decided to go for a walk with Tony, Ahti, Tommy and Tapsa. There were so many of these little boutiques in downtown. It was a siesta time or something. There was not so much happening. I didn´t buy anything, but got fresh air. And some sightseeing. The food was actually good also this time. Some pasta carbonara or something like that. Didn´t have to rely on Burger King. There were these huge palm trees inside the venue. It turned into a disco as soon as we finished playing. Marko did some light show for us. The show was great again. There were some 2000 fans. After the show we met some finnish girls and boys. They were some students from Spain. It´s always nice to meet and actually have a chat in finnish with somebody outside from our crew.


Cherry said...

hi... =)
i´m not speak english so je
but i like your blog
it´s good to know about your tour,and adventures in other countries
i can hardly understand english,but i´m learning...
i hope to see sonata someday...
i love your hair je je

cuidate mucho y espero que les valla bien,saludos a los chicos..

Marc Costa i Sitjà said...

Hi there! I was in the concert in Madrid, and I don't kwnow if you were as much surprised as I was about the reatcion of the public, but it was much more than simply amazing.... Could you see everyone going crazy with Victoria's Secret! If you follow this path sooner or later you will play in stadiums! Great show, tough very bad sound (at least in the front of the croud). My group, we were the ones that through the "fattish underwear" to Toni! If you ever come back to Madrid, please contact me so I will make a proper visit to the city and take you to eat in a proper place! xD. I was also the one that recognised you the first when you were going inside the venue. Toni was also surprisingly kind and happy during the show. And you are absolutely much more carismatic than Jari. Congratulations guys! Keep that pace!

Eva Mª said...

Thanks so much for coming to Madrid!
It was my first time seeing Sonata in concert and now I am sick from screaming so much, it was awesome!!
I am glad to read you enjoyed your time here in Spain, we hope you'll return soon.

alkaid said...

Hei! I was in Madrid's show and it was really great!!!!
It was my first Sonata's concert but I'm sure it's not to be the last one.
hope you to come back soon!

Fani said...

It was a great time, well done ^^