Wednesday, November 14, 2007


13.11.07 Pariisi

Rakkauden kaupunki. Marko kysyi, että ”ootkos käynyt Eiffelin tornissa ?”. Vastasin, ”en ole”. ”Haluaisitko käydä ?” Marko kysyi. ”No en ainakaan sun kanssa”, vastasin. Kyllä se vaatisi hieman romanttisemman tunnelman. Tähtitaivaan, kynttilän valot ja muut..Ei tullut käytyä sitten Eiffelin tornissa.

Päivällä tehtiin pikku retki rumpukauppaan ostamaan Tommylle joitain symbaaleja. Pariisissa oli aivan himskatisti noita musa-liikkeitä. Kitarakaupat ja rumpukaupat erikseen. Jopa perkussio-kaupat erikseen rumpukaupoista. Eipä taitaisi olla mahdollista Suomessa. Ostin muutaman Eiffel-torni-jääkaappimagneetin kotiin viemisiksi.

Meillä oli iltapäivällä pari photoshoottia paikallisiin lehtiin. Tuli varmatenkin ihan hyviä kuvia. Puoli tuntia ennenkuin ovet aukesivat, meillä oli puolen tunnin ”meet & greet” fanien kanssa. Nimmarien jakoa ja kuvien ottoa. Saatiin myös joka jamppa sellaiset susi-taulut yhdeltä naispuoliselta ihailijalta. Oli ihan tosi hienot. Ollaan naureskeltu poikien kanssa, kuka sen nyt keksikään, että tuon ”meet & greetin” pitäis olla ”meat and grill”. Siinä voitais paistella samalla pihvejä faneille..Olishan se paljon leppoisampi fiilikseltään...Ranskalaiset fanit olivat kyllä fanaattisia. Keikalla alkoi olla jo sellaista pientä ”Elias-Elias”-chanttia. Eli huutoa. Suihkusta täytyy antaa pieni miinus, kun ei tullut lämmintä vettä laisinkaan. No se karaisee. Keikan jälkeen tavattiin muutamia faneja ulkona. Otettiin taas vähän kuvia ja jaettiin nimmareita. Onnistunut päivä. Bussissa kuuneltiin taas hieman Popedan ”Erotomaniaa”, tiedättehän: ”Jos pi***a saan, niin lähden mukaan..”

11/13/07 Paris

The city of love. Marko asked me if I had seen the Eiffel-tower. “No I haven´t”, I answered. “ Would you like to go there?”, he asked me..”Not with you”, I told him. I mean there´s no point going there with Marko, I mean, where´s the romance? Starry night and candles with your loved one.

In the afternoon we went shopping. Some symbals for Tommy. There´s a lots of music stores in Paris. I mean, different stores for the drums and for the guitars and everything. Even there was a separate percussion stores. I bought a couple of Eiffel tower magnets for my refridgerator door.

We had photo shoots for some magazines also. I believe there were couple of good ones there. Half an hour before the doors opened, we had this “meet & greet” with fans. We did some signing and took photos. One girl had painted these wolf paintings for everyone of us. It was really cool. We´ve been thinking with the boys that the “meet & greet” could be a “meat & grill”. We would grill some steaks to the fans and all. It would be very nice. The French fans were very fanatic. There started to be a little “Elias”-chant at the show. A little minus for the shower, because there wasn´t any warm water. After the show we met some fans outside. They took some photos and we did signing also. Great day! On the bus we listened to some music. Popeda´s “Erotomania” for example..


Ranskalainen Enkeli said...

Yeaah we are the best fans of Sonata Arctica <3 It was really an amazing concert. Onnentoivotus jotta te ja liittyä yhteen!

A "ranskalainen" girl with long chestnut fan and glasses =)

P.S. : Come back quick !

Silence said...

Poor Marko *ggg* Now he's trying so hard and then you don't go with him.... Show him some mercy, will you? ;))))

Lief tijgertje said...
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Fae said...

I do not think the eiffel tower is really that romantic...I mean, I have been up there and it is really actually more terrifying. It feels like it sways in the wind, and it is really cold....
D: Reading your tour diary is really fun, thank you for taking the time to post what Sonata Arctica is up to for those of us who cannot see every show ... ):

Lief tijgertje said...

Haha:D Poor marko, it could have been be verry romantic in my opinion :)

I cant wait till 26 november :) You'll be here than :D


Arya said...

Hello Elias, your blog and yor pictures are very nice!!
You are making a great work!!
I wish all the people will shout “Elias” in your following concerts;) See you in Madrid!

David said...

Cannot wait for the concert of tomorrow in Madrid!!! I'll drive 200km but i dont care! <3 SA!!

Cheers Elias :D

David said...
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konny said...


You missed a really cool location in France...really. I know what I'm talking about, it's not romantic, it's too loud, cold and windy for any romantic activities. I tried that and believe's only interesting. :)
So, if you will be there the next time, visit "La tour Eiffel" with or without your beloved one

Many greets from a fan who really misses Sonat(-ll-)rctica


florie.geffroy said...

Moi Elias, Olen Florie.
The girl with the wolves. :)
I am so happy that you loved my little Susi ja Ruska. I love all that I created and this one is realy for you. I don't want anything (autograph, drumstick, mediator, or towel (lol)), just to give you something from my heart.
Your Wolf refects a part of your personality (as I suppose, because I don't know you, unfortunately), the warm, the depth, the mystery and some gold in your eyes. :) You may look here ( you want share more with me. It is my little paintings'site, a sort of galery.
The both shows of Paris and Lyon were very cool...And, the Ankkarock of Korso this summer too ;) . I was there with Matti, the boys with you've spoken after the show of Lyon, the one finnish speaker! We are engaged ;)
So, i hope I'll see you again, realy. And, maybe, to have somme news. I wish you a very good continuation for the tour!
Puhun vain vähän suomea.
Sydämelliset kiitokset.

Sakura said...

Hello Elias,

I always read your blog and find it really amusing and interesting; the pics are awesome as well! ;-) but this one really cracked me up! Poor Marko :P

Keep on with a good tour, and thanks for writing this blog for the fans!

<3 SA!