Wednesday, November 28, 2007


26.11.07 Amsterdam

Viimeistä vietiin Amsterdamissa. Soundchecki jäi tekemättä. Päätettiin käydä ostamassa tuliaisia Tommyn Markon ja Tonyn kanssa. Puukenkiä ja jääkaappimagneetteja...Keikka meni kivasti. Oli hauska nähdä niin paljon iloisia kasvoja yleisössä :-) Viimeiselle keikalle oli lupa odottaa yllätyksiä ja niitä saatiinkin. Black Sheepin alkaessa Epican jätkät ilmestyi lavalle ”soittamaan” kaulasynaa ja kitaraa. Ja rumpali tarjoili vodkaa. Teknikot olivat rustanneet biisilistat uuteen uskoon. Kaikki biisin nimet sisälsivät V-kirjaimella alkavan sanan. Esimerkkeinä Black V*****, Paid In V***** jne. Logiikka on pettämätön.

Encore tauolla Tony alkoi kasaamaan taas ihmisrumpuja. Rumputeknikkomme Tapsan tuodessa kapulat Tonylle ne olivatkin tällä kertaa banaanit. Lisänä tekniikan pojat tulivat The Cageen laulamaan kertosäettä. Valomies Punkillakin oli oma ylläri. Cagessa kohdassa, jossa lauletaan ”lights are out” lava pimeni, niinkuin aina ennenkin. Tällä kertaa huomasimme Punkin kohdistaneen valot itseensä miksauspöydän luona. Jätkä veti nyrkki ilmassa koko kohdan läpi. Lavalle lenteli maskotteja (+alushousuja) ja joku antoi vodkapullonkin..Oli hulvaton meno.

Keikan jälkeen pitsaa, Jekku-shotit, suihkuttelut..Muutama kaveri oli tullut katsomaan Suomesta asti, joten hengailtiin heidän kanssaan. Arctic Times fanilehden toimittaja oli tullut myös paikalle. Mukavaa hauskanpitoa. Kaikkineen oli mahtava meininki! Väsynyt, mutta onnellinen. Kiitos kaikille!

11/26/07 Amsterdam

The last show of this tour was in Amsterdam. We didn´t have time to do soundcheck. We decided to go and buy some souvenirs with Tommy, Marko and Tony. The show was beyond words. It was nice to see smiling faces in the audience :-) There were some surprises expected because this was the last show. When Black Sheep started the guys of Epica ran to the stage with their guitars and keytars. The drummes served us some vodka. Straight from the bottle as we were playing. Our technicians had done our set list again. Every song title had this Finnish F-word in it. It was kind of cool.

Tony did his human drum kit thing again. This time when he´s supposed to get drum sticks from our drum tech guy Tapsa, Tony had 2 bananas instead of drumsticks. All the technicians showed up on stage during the last song “The Cage”. They were singing background vox. Our light engineer Antti “Yeah, it´s the a fourth fader..” Punkki had his moment as well. In The Cage when the lyrics go like “lights are out” he just shuts every light there is on stage, like always. But this time he had these spotlights on him. With his fist in the air he was standing there through the whole part. It was crazy! There were mascots flying to the stage (+underware of course) and someone even gave us a bottle of vodka.

So after the show we had some pizza again with some shots of Jägermeister and beers, took showers. Basically feeling very relieved. There were some friends who had come from Finland to see us so we hanged around a little bit with them. There were also this journalist from the fan magazine Arctic Times there. We had a blast! Thanx everyone!


Paula said...


Omg, that was a realy amazing concert!! I envy all those people. How I wish I would have been there... :) Last concerts allways have that special thing.

Hope I won't have to wait too much to see you live again, 'cause I cant wait! ^^

Take care.

Alex said...

you guys were fantastic, i love you all!!!
grtz alex
i was standing at the stairs at your left, the chinese guy

anitapetaskeeta said...

Amazing, amazing, amazing show. Thankyou very much for the beautiful music, alongside with the good conversation and beers afterward, it'll be perpetually remembered.

Much love always,

The crazy australian lady.

Tary said...

Now you go to Finland again :)
good luck! ^^

konny said...

Damn...I will miss your diary :( but you deserve to come home again :)

We'll see us next year W:O:A 08! Blasting the north in August :)

Many greets, die besten Grüße

Konny <3

Ritch said...

Man, that sound like a damn kick ass show. Your entries are awesome!!

robin said...

Wow, It was a really great show. I can't wait to see you guys again!

Thanks for a wonderfull evening!

joshuarain said...

I actually have one of those Amsterdam setlist, I learned that finnish f-word just that afternoon from Jarko and Marko, your finnish friends, at a bar, Henkka and Marko joined us as well, great day for me as a Sonata fan.

I will see you guys in Wacken next year, hopefully you will be doing a signing session, would love to make my photos with bandmembers complete, maybe Henkka and Marko will remember me, though Henkka was quite hungover and not very talkative ;)

btw you were a great guitarist on both the Amsterdam and Tilburg show, happy to have you in the band.

Silence said...

So thank you for playing a great European tour - I am looking so forward to seeing you all on New Year's Eve in Mikkeli.

And of course I hope that during the tours to come, this diary will get a revival ;)

Marielle said...
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Marielle said...

Was standing right before you, so have had a great view on the show! Only bad thing was the slightly obsessed guy in front of me;) It was great guys, you won a new fan!

Milinhagd said...

I'm gonna miss this blog!!! It's so nice to read about you guys!!
And you're going to Brazil after all...But sadly I won't be there! =/... Now all I can do is wait for the W.O.A.. and for you to come to London again!

Oh... and since you're going to Sao Paulo, just make sure you ask someone to take you guys to a nice pizza place! Then you'll see what a real pizza tastes like hueuheuehue

Take care Elias! It was great to read about your jurney! Hugs for you and all the guys, ok??

Charlie said...

Hi!, We are waiting you in Argentina, see you on March 1.

mirai_moon said...

Hi ! :-) I'm very big fan of "SonataArctica",from JPN!!!!!!!!
Your RockMusic is beautiful and Great :-)) !!!!!!!!
Very sorry,I don't understand Finnish and English. :'-(
as hard as possible. :'-(
But,I'm happy,because I see your blog and their pictures :-)) !!!!!!!!
I see it all day every day!!!!!!!!
please take care, bye! :-)

Enkeli said...

yeah, it was a very cool gig indeed!!
especially the funny parts and the surprises!!
glad i was there;)

greetz from holland

PaMy said...

hola elias mi ingles no es muy bueno asi que lo escribire en castellano y en ingles despues. Os vi el pasado 17 de noviembre en Barcelona, fue el mejor dia de mi vida. Fue el primer concierto al que iva y me lo pase genial.Sois la octava maravilla del mundo.Ojala os hubiera podido ver de mas cerca pero mi timidez no lo a permitido. Un beso a todos tony, tommy, marko,henrik (eres mi dios tocando el piano), elias. Desde Barcelona


Elias hello my English is not very good so we write in
Spanish and then in English. I saw on 17 November in Barcelona,
was the best day of my life. It was the first concert that vat and I was cool.
your the eighth wonder of world.i wanna you would have been able to see much closer
but my shyness is not allowed to. A kiss all tony, tommy, marko,
henrik (my god you are playing the Keyboard), elias (angel >_<).

From Barcelona

girl shy~~

ioooo said...

It seems that you had a great time isnt it? , i hope to see you soon back in Mexico!
greetings from Mexico

Anonymous said...

Hey there guys. It's amazing to hear you had such a good time in Europe; a break's always nice, eh? If you can go back to Québec this february, why don't you come back to Montréal too? :P (I still have another 'cartoonization'(drawing) for Tony!)

Have nice holidays, guys.
And many sweets, Tony.

Your trully, Kate

luka said...

guys you are have the best songs in the have to come to croatia would be great!:)and TONY KAKKO is beautiful singer bY:Ana;)SISTER OF LUKA

Lee Leopard said...

Great fucking city and concert!
But I bet São Paulo's will be better!

Mieke said...

A little late reaaction, but you guys were really great and I hope this blog will continue... really nice reading it. And Elias, you're great.

Hope you guys will come back to Holland again.

ioooo said...

hey there!
i would love to be in Mexico city 4 your concert in el circo volador but may be ill be at exams so rock´em and remember to post

Laurens said...

It was so much fun! I was there also... My first concert! (I thought I was the youngest...) Realy it was fantastic! We had wonderfull places (on that higher part, in the middle in the front). Also funny that Mr. Kakko sang with Epica, and that Epica played along whith Black Sheep. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaase, could you come again soon? Pleaaaaaaase?