Tuesday, November 20, 2007


19.11.07 Milano

Italiassa oli kiertueen isoin keikka. Liki 3000 henkeä katsomassa. Oli aivan sikakuuma. Ainakin kaksi fania näin talutettavan pois eturivistä. Lava alkoi olla muutaman biisin jälkeen ihan sairaan liukas. Se oli sellaista parkettia, sellaista lakattua koulun jumppasalilattiaa..Meinasin heittää lipat kun juoksin takaisin rampeilta omalle paikalleni. Olin jo liukastumassa kun kengänkärjet kolahti pedaaliboardiin ja tökkäsi siihen. Yksi fani siinä eturivissä näytteli taas, että plektra pitäis saada. Sillä alkoi kanssa jossain vaiheessa silmät pyörimään päässä. Näytti ihan siltä, että kohta siltä lähtee taju. Se taisi siinä turvamiehen kanssa käydäkin asiasta jonkinasteista neuvottelua. Kun saatiin biisi soitettua , kävin lykkäämässä sille plektran kouraan. Kovasti se kiitteli. ”Molto jotain. Moltohan tarkoittaa italiaksi helvetisti, tai jotain :-)

Päivällä meillä oli pienimuotoinen fanitapaaminen. Yksi mimmi oli paikallisen fanisivustojen pörittäjä. Reckoning site taisi olla sivuston nimi. Tony ja Henkka antoi haastatteluja. Katsottin Ride the Sky:n setti läpi siitä lavan sivusta. Toimii. Ruoka oli viimeisen päälle taas: Oli tonnikalapastaa, riisiä, suikalelihaa, tiesmitä. Keikan jälkeen saatiin taas pitsaa. Täytyy kyllä sanoa, että Italialainen pitsa ei ollut paskimmasta päästä, mitä tällä reissulla on saanut. Bussilla odotti aivan järkyttävä määrä faneja. Tiukan aikataulun takia kaikki fanit eivät ehtineet saada kuvaa tai nimmareita. Pahoittelut tästä. Matka Unkariin kestää 13 tuntia. Niin ja se kaveri, joka meinasi pyörtyä...katseli keikan sinnikkäästi loppuun saakka.

11/19/07 Milan

The show in Milan was the biggest show on this tour. Almost 3000 people in the audience. It was so hot! I saw at least two fans who almost fainted and the security carried them out. The stage started to be very slippery after couple of songs. I almost fell to my ass when I was running back from the ramps to my own spot. My shoes were stopped by my pedalboard. One fan in the front row wanted a pick from me. After a couple songs he looked like he´s going to faint. I think he had some discussion with the security guy over this. When the song was finished I went and gave him a pick. Molto something he was shouting.

In the afternoon we had this little fan meeting. One girl was the webmaster of the local fan site “reckoning site”. Tony and Henkka did some interviews. We watched Ride The Sky´s tonight´s set. Damn it works! The food was awesome at the venue. There were some tuna pasta, rice, sliced meat, everything. After the show we got pizza again. I must admit that the Italian pizza wasn´t the worst I´ve had on this tour. There were a big group of fans waiting for us us at the bus. We had a tight schedule so everyone didn´t get autographs or photos. We apologise for that. The trip to Hungary was 13 hours. And the guy who almost fainted…watched the whole show till the end!


Stéfan: said...

Hi Elias thanks for telling us everything about the tour, I was in Paris, and after the show we met in front of your tour bus and you gave me a pick, thanks for that!!! did you see ou myspace??????


Mila said...
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Milinhagd said...

Hiii Elias!!
I wrote here when you were talking about the concert in London...
I wanted to attend to the concert in Milan as well, but couldn't.. Sad.. it would be great to see you guys playing again =(
Hopefully I will see you again either in London or in Brazil, or better, in both! hahahaha
And yes... the pizza in Italy isn't the best (and all the italians next to me just scream in revolt huehueuheuh)! When you go to Brazil you see what a real pizza taste like (and I'm not just saying that because I'm a Brazilian hueuheuhe)...
Anyway... great blog you have here!
Take care! =)

Gan said...

Hey Elias! Great concert in Milan. You guys kick ass! I will definetly want to see you guys again. Best of luck

greyowl said...

Hi Elias..I was in Milano Yesterday to listen to your great music!!I am your great fan!!I think that yesterday i saw the best show ever!!I hope to see you again in Milano..maybe for future tour!!Good wishes for the future dates!!Sorry for my english!! Michele ps Italian pizza the best!!

Paula said...


Wow, yeah, that venue was so big! But that thing about people fainting is a bit scary... It's not a nice feeling when you feel that you are going to faint because of the heat. But anyway, I'm sure that Sonata's music can heal everything :))

sara said...

hi! i'm Sara, i was in milan last night!! the show was really terrific, i could not sleep all night for the adrenaline you guys gave me.
thanks so much, i hope i can see you in Italy again very soon, maybe in my city Torino ;)
many kisses

enkeli ja perkele said...

hey elijas!! thanks for the amazing night yesteday... pity is that the fansite ou met absolutely is not official, since the offical fansite is land of silence, and can be found at the adress http://www.sonataarctica.it
we also tried to get a meeting but it was not possible. pity since we really wanted to give you the best and warmest welcome ever into the band from us!!!

anyway the gig was gfreat and it was amazing how kid you all were to stay a little bit with fans even if you ha dso leave so fast, we really appreciate that!!!
I hope to see you really really soon!!!!

Yoli said...

Hi Elias. me again :) I was in Barcelona as I suppous you read. I hope you enjoyed italy because its a very nice country, is so romantic, more than paris ;)
Thankyou for your blog, I really love read things about your tour, I can feel you are near :). I couldn´t wait for you in BCN so its so sad for me, but I hope do it in the next concert, and I wish you give me a pick! :). Good luck in all, say hello to Tommy, Markko, Tony and Henkka! because they cant read Im writting :p


HyperMax said...

Your show in Milan was fantastic, really!
I hope to see you again very soon!

siryo85 said...


In Milan you've played your beautiful guitar in INCREDIBLE WAY!VERY VERY WELL!

Elias you're great..^_^

Donato said...

Hi Elias!!! I was at the wonderful concert in Milano!!! I was in front you; about 1 meter to the barrier...you hurled a pick towards me but unfortunately I rejected it forward me! However, I thank you. Now I write in my home at more than 1000Km to Milano; I will never forget this concert!!! Finally, thank you for this blog and good luck for the future with Sonata!!! I hope to see other concert of Sonata Arctica in the future... Best wishes from the south of Italy!!! Bye bye!!!

Esthar said...

Hi Elias!!
I was in Milan too! It was really WONDERFUL!!! You're really AMAZING with that guitar!! I also lost my voice screaming and singin' with you guys! I want to see another concert of you!
Please!! Come back soon!! We Love you!!

PS - Many thanks to sing also "Tallulah". It's my favourite song. It's really beautiful and sad.

Martina said...

Hey Elias!!
I was among that little group of fan you met in the afternoon! I just wanna thank you and the other guys for having spent some of your time with us (and for the wonderful photos we took!), it was a dream that came true!
And the concert was simply fantastic, you're a great player and a nice guy, very easy-going!
I hope you'll come back soon in Milan for another concert! WE WAIT FOR YOU!


Martina said...
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Martina said...

Oh, I almost forgot: I swear that I cried during "Gravenimage"!! One of the strongest feelings of my life! It was simply great!

Thank You Sonata Arctica!

Takochan said...

I know I'm a little bit late, but I have to say you something: if you want to try a REAL italian pizza, you MUST come to Naples (that is the place where pizza was born ;) ).
The milanese one is something like a piece of bread with some tomato :P

I hope to see you at the Evo fest this summer.
Stay well!