Wednesday, November 21, 2007


20.11.07 Budapest

Heräsin aamulla ja katsoin bussin ikkunasta ulos. Tunnistin keikkapaikan jostain Joe Satrianin DVD:stä. Joku kaverihan siellä oli jo aamulenkillä. Tonyhan se oli! Unkarilaisethan ovat suomalaisten sukulaiskansa. En tiedä miksi, mutta kun lavalle astui ja katsoi yleisöön tuntui kuin melkein suomessa olis ollut. Sitä tunnetta on vaikea selittää. Keikkapaikalla ihmiset olivat erittäin ystävällisiä. Pitopalvelun tytöt sanoivat oikein käsipäivää ja esittelivät kaikki valmistavansa ruoat erikseen. Soundcheckiä ei ehditty tehdä, koska matka Italiasta oli niin pitkä. Kaupunkia en ehtinyt nähdä laisinkaan. Mitä nyt bussin ikkunasta näin Burger Kingin.

Keikalle oli tullut faneja pitkälti yli toistatuhatta. Taas oli eturivissä lappuja, joissa luki ”anna plektra”. Hyvä ideahan tuo on. Ennen keikkaa meillä oli pienimuotoinen fanitapaaminen. Oli taas hyvä keikka. Keikan jälkeen tavattiin faneja ja jaettiin nimmareita.

Vessanpöntöt täällä on vähän erinäköisiä kuin suomessa. En tiedä mikä järki.

11/20/07 Budapest

I woke up in the morning and took a look outside from the bus window. I recognized the place from some dvd of Joe Satriani. There was some guy jogging already. It was Tony! We finnish and the hungarians are relative nations. I don´t know what it was but when we walked up on stage I took a look to the audience it was almost like being in Finland. This is something that is really hard to explain. At the venue everybody was so kind. The catering girls introduced them self. Also they introduced every food they had made for us. We didn´t have the time to do the soundcheck since the trip from Italy was so long. I didn´t get to see the city at all. I only saw Burger King from the bus window.

There were maybe 15 hundred fans at the show. In the first row there were these signs again that said “Give me a pick”. Well, I think it´s a good idea. Before the show we had a fan meeting again. And the show was just great again! After the show we met some fans and did some autographs and photos.

The toilet seats are a little bit different here than in Finland. I don´t know what´s the deal.


Paula said...


Hehe, Tony the jogging man! Omg, what are you doing taking a pic of a toilet? o.O Well, true, weird toilet ;)

Greetings to the guys ^^

Have fun!

konny said...

Wooo, I am jealous. We also wanted to have a little fan meet but we hadn't. In Wacken we were standig for an autograph and just a few persons before we were there it was over...I am traumatized...:) ah, I'm aure I'll manage it one day.

Have a great time and don't use this toilet, it can't be healty...

Hehe, and as I see you are really fixed on BK :D

Greets to everybody^^

K <3

IceBreaker said...

Et sentään ajatellut räjäyttää tuollaista vessanpönttöä siellä? Jens Johanssonhan teki aikoinaan niin juuri Budapestissa. ;D

fazanna said...


Thank you for the concert of tomorrow!!! It was amazing, fantastic, and it was a night I will never forget in my life. I have been waiting for this for months....
I wish I was in Vienna tonight...

Sorry for the toilet...:(
Things are not always perfect in our country yet, but we are improving...

Greetings to all of you, have fun, and come back sooooon!!!!!:))

Matthew said...

"After the show we met some fans and did some autographs and photos."

Say WHAT?! We (I.e. a crowd of about 25 people) waited at your tourbus until 1:30am, when finally a guy came out saying you guys aren't coming, and gave the whole crowd about 3 picks...

Ritch said...

Very nice toilet

Ritch said...

and my friend says Tony look like Rock Balboa in that picture

Scathach said...

Hi Evil!
Your concert was really, really great at Petőfi Hall, in Budapest. I agree with the Hungarian fans speaking before me. It was an unforgettable experience. You are great musicians and you are so straightforward with the fans. I say thank you for it boys! Take care of yourselves and come again at what soon! =)

milinhagd said...

You are really addicted to Burguer King, aren't you?? hahahaha It's all you see, everywhere!!
Oh, I've seen this kind of toilet before... and tell you what: NOT CONFORTABLE!!!

Have fun in the next concerts! I'll be here reading about it and making non sense comments anyway...

Hildegard said...


The concert here in Budapest was really really great. I'm still under its effect. Please, come back soon.
(Btw what's so strange with the Hungarian toilets? I know it's a silly question, but I was just wondering.)

Greetings to all of you, guys.
Have a good time during the tour!

Wackbizz said...

what's so strange about that toilet ? =|
ahwell.. have fun during the rest of your tour!
and I enjoyed Tiburg, whii !

Wackbizz said...

What's so strange about that toilet? =|
ahwell.. have fun during the rest of your trip ! ( Or something =P )
and I really loved Tilburg ^^

( I hope I didn't post this 2 times now =P )

nyehhe said...


when did you have a fan meeting? i wanted to meet Sonata :( after the concert i've been waiting for you for 1,5 hours :(
the picks... i gave one during the concert, and you threw me, but i didn't cath it... :( then you razzed me instead of gave me an other one -_- :D
do you remember this? :)