Thursday, November 22, 2007


21.11.07 Wien

Wienin Planet Music oli keikkapaikkana keskimääräistä pienempi. Kyllä kait sinne silti yli 1000 mahtui. Ja oma koirakin siellä oli. Soundcheckin ja ruoan jälkeen meillä ei ollutkaan mitään ohjelmaa. Eikä kellään ollut energiaa sellaista järjestäkään. Taitaa olla kiertueväsymystä liikkeellä. No pikkupäikkärit siinä bussissa ja sitten keikka. Lava oli sen verran pieni, ettei saatu ramppeja mahtumaan. No ei se menoa haitannut. Kaikilla oli kivaa ja kukaan ei tainnut pyörtyäkään. Keikan jälkeen Tony ja Henrik tekivät jonkun pikahaastattelun. Marko yritti leikkiä koiran kanssa, mutta koira oli vähän ujomman puoleinen. Tavattiin vielä muutamia faneja ulkona ja otettiin kuvia jälleen. Sitten olikin aika painua bussiin katsomaan Ramboa.

11/21/07 Vienna

Planet Music in Wien was a little smaller from the average. I think it was around the capacity of 1000. And they even had an own dog. After the soundcheck and food there were nothing to do for us and nobody hadn´t the energy to start organize any program. So a beauty sleep in the bus and to the stage. The stage was so small that we didn´t get the ramps to fit but it didn´t matter. Everyone had a good time. And I think nobody fainted or anything at this time. After the show Tony and Henrik did one fast interview. Marko tried to play with the dog, but this dog was a little bit shy or something. We met some fans outside and they took some pictures of us. And it was time to go and watch Rambo to the bus.


konny said...

hoi...damn, I am too often in this blog but it's interesting and funny.
Hm, a dog, it looks like Idefix. You should come to our little town Herdecke to play in the "Jugendkeller". We have a concert-cat and you can play with it. It's really cool and me and my staffers are able make the most wonderful catering :D believe me :)

Sooo, many greets and have fun in, eh, Saarbrückenissa (ehm, is that correct?? blah)



Paula said...

I say the same as konny, I'm too often here, but I love to read blogs like this one, tourdiarys are nice to read and even more if it's Sonata's :)
Cute dog, but a pity that he was shy and didn't want to play with Marko :( And so curious, you watched Rambo! ;)

Take care and have fun!

Ironwolf said...

Thanks a lot for the fantastic concert! I think everybody in the audience had a great time and I guess you enjoyed playing there as well. Hope you're returning to play in Austria on your next tour.

Looking forward to see you in Wacken 2008 ;-)

Have fun!

Susi said...

Hello hello! Yeah, the show was kinda great and that dog was running around all the time while I was waiting for you outside! :) But it's no wonder it got shy through these years if it sees so many people on the concerts all the time.

It was very nice to talk to you for like half an hour after the show and I hope you're doing well!

Paljon terveisiä kaikille ja toivon että tavataan pian taas! ;)
Hyvää matkan jatkoa ja kotimatkaa!

Yoshi said...

Hi there elias!

Really nice blog you have here,

I am going to see you and the band this sunday in the netherlands!

I Can't wait i've been fan for years.
You should tell the band that they need to play Wildfire live! that would rock.

till sunday!

xoxo Yoshi

Yoshi said...
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Milinhagd said...

Small venues are good for the fans! It seems to us that we are closer to you... at least that how I feel...

Really cute dog, but judging by someone comment here, it doesn't seem shy... Maybe it just didn't like Marko huauhahuauheuhe Who knows?? Dogs are strange sometimes uhehuehueuhehu

hugs and take care!!

igor said...

hi elias,
thank you and all guys for perfect gig. road to wien /300km/ and after the show home /again 300Km/ was woth of it. and see you next time.

fr0nk said...


The concert in vienna was really great, looking forward to the next time! Maybe you could imagine playing in Graz someday? Would be really neat!
(We could go drinking afterwards, if you'd like to ;) )
Nevertheless, thanks for the great show and please play Shamandalie next time. I'll make sure to wait at your bus next time for a little chat :D