Sunday, November 25, 2007


24.11.07 Antwerpen

Tultiin Belgiaan. Eilisestä diskoilusta oli jäänyt tukka vähän kipeäksi. Keikka meni mukavasti. Keikat on ollut aikas lailla loppuunmyytyjä. Belgialaiset ottivat bändin erittäin hyvin vastaan. Ja kaikilla oli mukavaa. Keikan jälkeen faneja odotti bussilla, vaikka vettä satoi jo kylmäkin oli.

11/24/07 Antwerpen

We came to Belgium. I had a little headache in the morning because of our disco trip...The show was great again. It´s been pretty much sold out shows here. Once again we had a great time! There were some fans waiting at the bus even it was raining and was really cold.


Rick said...

I was there! =D
It was so awesome!
My very first concert. =)

Sarel said...

Hey guys,

Will be seeing your show in Amsterdam tomorrow. Remember, most of the croud doesn't know what's best.
If you go and have their way now,
you will never have your choice.
Catch a breath of air in your lungs,
it might be you'll never get to
do it again because this now, this is the end, yeah!

Enjoy it to the fullest, so will we.


Sarel said...

oh, and don't forget to tell Tony

Samantha said...

Hey, Elias !! I was there and really had a great time. However, the crowd in Belgium is not as insane as we are here in Brasil !! So, I can't wait to see you again on February 26th !!
And... what about playing Replica, since you missed it there? Hehehe...