Tuesday, November 13, 2007


12.11.07 Lontoo

Oltiin joskus kuudelta aamulla satamassa. Piti herätä ja nousta bussista passitarkastusta varten. Aika turhauttavaa touhua. Laiva oli sellainen ruotsinlaiva tyyppinen. Ehkä vähän pienempi. Syötiin siinä vähän aamupalaa. Englantiin saavuttuamme päästiin bussiin takaisin nukkumaan. Siinä ehti hyvin vielä nukkumaan. Katsoin punkassa vähän Prison Breakkia ja nukuin jostain yhdeksästä kolmeen iltapäivällä. Siinä heräsin ja oltiinkin jo perillä keikkapaikalla Lontoossa. Paikan nimi oli Electric Ballroom ja loppuunmyytyhän se oli. Yleisö oli kyllä aivan hulluna. Niin oli bändikin. Isoahon Timo oli tullut paikalle tekemään hieman juttua meistä suomalaisiin lehtiin. Ehdittiin käydä pubissa kaljalla ja Skottiravintola Mc Donaldsissa syömässä. Big Benin näin vilaukselta bussin ikkunasta.

11/12/07 London

Six in the morning it was time to get to the ferry. We had a passport control and we had to get off the bus for that. It was frustrating. We had a little breakfast in the boat. When we arrived to England we got to the buss and went to bed again. I watched some Prison Break with my laptop and slept from 9 am to 3 pm. I woke up and we were at the venue in London. The place was called Electric Ballroom. Sold out again. The crowd went crazy and so did the band. Finnish rock journalist Mr. Timo Isoaho was also there to do some report of our show for some finnish magazines. We had a chance to have a beer in a pub. We ate at this Scottish restaurant Mc Donalds, have you heard of it? I saw a glimpse of Big Ben from the bus window.


milinhagd said...

I was at the gig!!!!
It was amazing!! Loved it so much that I'm thinking about going to Milano to see you again!! And of course, I'll see you at the W.O.A in July!!!
Can't wait!!


ronster500 said...

I was somewhere in the middle of that queue, too!
Terrific gig, really enjoyed it although I kept clear of the pits, being a bit old for that caper these days ;)
Should you come back to the UK as Tony hinted, please play some dates further north!
Thanks! Ronnie (Liverpool UK)

Clare said...

McDonalds is actually an American thing! It's pretty rubbish food, don't eat there again, you may get food poisoning!

I've been waiting for about a year for you to come to Enland, and seeing you last night was a COMPLETE dream come true. Your music is everything to me. I think I have every song you've ever made, 80 so far! You can think of me as sad, but I don't care; your music is all I need to be happy now a days.
Thank you SO much for the amazing gig. I was pretty close to the front. I was the one going crazy and knowing all the words to all the songs!
So amazing.
Well done Elias! You were awesome!! Good luck on the rest of the tour guys :]


bdark said...

brilliant gig, great set list thought the crowd were a loud friendly enthusiatic bunch.would like to say elias would appear that you have been in the band since the start you are no longer a newbie great job!also credit to the crew all their hard work paid off thanks guys hurry back! one last thing, im sure the scots would love to think they invented mcdonalds lol but you should give their irn bru a go ;)SONAATTTTTAAAAAAA (TISH) (i was a cymbal)

Dylan said...

Such a great gig, enjoyed it so much. Definatly my best one so far, it will be HARD,,, VERY HARD to top :D



Tiina said...

Oi oi oli mahtava keikka! Ja oli upeeta nähdä kun jengi oli ihan intona. Pukukoodi oli tietysti musta ja tukka suurimmalla osalla pitkä. Itse olen 42 vuotias lyhyttukkainen henkilöstöpäällikkö mutta musa iskee :) Ja oli siellä muitakin "erilaisia" faneja.
Jos olisin tiennyt, että teistä on kiva puhua suomea kiertueella muidenkin kun työkamujen kanssa niin olisi varmana tullut moikkaamaan.
Muutan Saksaan, tulkaahan sinnekin keikalle, vaikka Muncheniin, niin tulen sitten moikkaamaan:)

And same in english:

Ou ou, it was a really great gig! And it was amazing to see that crowd was so crazy. Dress code was of course black and most had long hair. I myself am 42 years HR manager with short hair but the music hits me :) And there were some other "different" fans as well. If I'd known that you like to speak finnish with other people than just colleagues during tour I would have come to say hi.
I'm moving to Germany, Why don't you come there as well and then I'll come and say hi to you :)