Monday, September 29, 2008

Baltimore, MD

26.9.08 Baltimore, MD

Nightwish peruutti tämän illan sekä huomisen New Yorkin keikan. Me pojat kuitenkin soitettiin. NW jäi kuitenkin, Anettea lukuunottamatta, hoitamaan sovitut fanitapaamiset. Tuli istuttua NW:n bussissa iltapäivä hengaten. Venue oli tosi asiallinen ja aikas iso. Luulenpa, että saatiin uusia fanejakin. Keikan jälkeen Suomen Suurlähetystön porukka Washingtonista kävi moikkaamassa meitä takahuoneessa. Illan päätteeksi jaoimme nimmareita faneille vesisateessa.

09/26/08 Baltimore, MD

Nightwish had to cancel tonight´s show as well as tomorrow´s New York show. So we got to play a headlining show. NW stayed and took care of their fan meetings. I hung out with NW in their bus the afternoon. The Venue was really decent and quite big. We got some new fans, I´m sure of that. After the show we met some people from the Finnish Washington Embassy. At the end of the evening we went signing autographs in the rain.


Lizzie said...

You guys were awesome on Saturday. I didn't come to see Nightwish so I was thrilled that you got to headline. It was awesome seein gyou for the fourth time and this time I didn't have to drive 2 hours to a hole-in-the-wall where you have to hide your drinking to do it!

Rae said...

I know this is several months late, but thank you guys so much for playing the full show. I'd gone to see you and Nightwish, my 2 favorite bands, for my 21st birthday. Thanks to you guys, it was the greatest birthday, and perhaps the best night, of my whole life.