Sunday, September 14, 2008

San Francisco, CA

12.9.08 San Francisco, CA

Olipas mukava käydä toistamiseen San Franciscossa. Oikein mukava kaupunki. Viimeksi meillä oli välipäivä Friscossa, joten ehdittiin nähdäkin jotain. Tällä kertaa ei ollut oikein aikaa nähdä muuta kuin keikkapaikka. Keikkapaikkana oli tällä kertaa legendaarinen Fillmore-teatteri. Ihmisiä oli reilusti yli tuhatkunta. Keikka oli varmaankin meidän paras tähän mennessä tällä kiertueella. Asiat tuntuivat loksahtavan kohdilleen. Keikan jälkeen nautiskeltiin NW:n keikasta...

09/12/08 San Francisco, CA

It was very nice to be back in San Francisco. It´s a very cool city. Last time we had a day off here, so we actually had a chance to see the city a bit. This time around I did only see the venue..This time we played at the legendary Fillmore-theater. There were over thousand people. I´d say it was our best show on this tour so far. Everything just clicked. After our show we enjoyed NW´s show and had fun.


Fernando said...

I dreamt with you guys last night o.O
We met after the show and had a dinner in some kind of japanese restaurant.
It was good to meet you, even in the dreamworld xD

Hope to meet you soon (this time for real)!

Greetings form South America ;D

mirai_moon said...

Woooow 8-> !
Nice pictures :D !
It is seen a Great show !

Always thank you for a wonderful(happy) photographs.

Very Very Happy :D !
Kiitos :) !!!!

Madame X said...

Oh my god!! I an counting the days to see you guys!!
Right now I am listening to Paid in full,..I love this song, happy to know you guys are actually playing it!!,..

Well,...See you in Florida next Sunday!!! I CAN HARDLY KEEP MYSELF!! SEE YOU THEREEEE!!! IS GONNA BE EPIC!!

Julie Dillon said...

Your SF show was amazing! I'm so thrilled that I got the chance to see you perform live. I enjoyed Nightwish very much as well, but you guys are the main reason I went. ♥ I just wish you'd had a whole show to yourselves; it was way too short! I hope the rest of the tour goes well, and that you get to come back to SF again sometime :D

Much love,