Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Orleans, LA, Day Off

19.9.08 New Orleans, LA, Välipäivä

Täällä edelleen. Omistin iltapäivän shoppailulle. Mississippi-joella täytyi käydä ottamaan kuva. Törmättiin Ahtin kanssa NW-porukoihin legendaarisella Bourbon streetillä ja loppu olikin historiaa...Täällä saa juoda joka paikassa kadulla ja jopa vaihtaa baaria drinkit kourassa. Aika villiä!

09/19/08 New Orleans, LA, Day Off

Still here. I was shopping the whole afternoon. I had to take a picture from Mississippi river too. Then we pumped into NW-guys at the legendary Bourbon Street and the rest was history. You can drink everywhere here, in the streets and also go from bar to another with a drink in your hand. Pretty wild!


Lauren said...

:D I'm really glad you liked our city. You guys put on a great 45 min! Wish it could've been longer. We tried waiting after the concert to meet you guys but it was rainy and cold. we waited a while until we got hungry and went to Hard Rock Cafe. If you didn't go there this time, you should go there next time! I hope you come back soon!

Amy said...

You guys were awesome! My friend and I had an amazing night. I think you could have been the headline show. I hope y'all liked New Orleans enough to return someday!