Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Montreal, QC

1.9.08 Montreal, QC

Aamulla anivarhain ylitettiin raja Canadaan. Kaikki ylös kesken makeimpien unien naamaa näyttämään tullimiehille. Ensin USAn puolella ja sitten Kanadan puolella. Taisin ehtiä nukkua jonkun 3 tuntia...No eipä siinä muuta kun ”back to bed so to speak”. Montrealissa oli hyvät kelit ja muutenkin hommat luisti oikein mallikkaasti. Paikan nimi oli Metropolis ja oli ainakin minulle uusi keikkapaikka. Ruoka oli hyvää ja faneja paljon. Olisko ollut about 2300 henkeä. Hietalan Marko soitteli meille hieman kitaraa takahuoneessa ja oikein oli kivaa. Saatiin faneilta piirustuksia ja Vodkaa :-) Oli oikein onnistunut päivä. Canadassa tuntuu olevan hommat ”isollaan” niinsanotusti. Huomenna lisää Kanadasta.

09/01/08 Montreal, QC

Really early in the morning it was time to cross the border to Canada. So, everybody up to show your face in the customs…I slept maybe 3 hours. After that, just back to bed. It was nice weather in Montreal and things went smoothly all in all. Tonight´s venue was called Metropolis. We didn´t play here last time. The food was good and lots of fans. 2300 if I remember correctly. Marco Hietala played some acoustic guitar at the back stage and we chilled out…We got cool drawings from the fans and we also got some Vodka…All and all we hit the spot quite nicely here in Montreal. More Canada tomorrow. We are going to play in Toronto.


Silverwolf said...

Nice draws! That must be fine for you to have a tour with a band whom hve the same language or almost. (you could go on the Nightwish tour in March in fisrt part:p).

3 hours of sleeping?You will be very "fresh" at the end of the month!

mirai_moon said...

Woooow 8-> !

A lot of portraits of Elias :D !
It is very wonderful!

(I want you to combine the portrait that I portrayed.
With a lot of the portraits. :P )�@(LOL)

And Marco Hietala's photograph is

Thank you very much for happy photographs and blog!
Very Very Happy :D !
Kiitos :) !!!!

decadent_soul said...

Hey, Elias!
I have to say it was a really great day for me and having two of my drawings on your blog is really a special feeling also. (You should have seen my reaction, this morning, when I saw the blog...! Priceless!) You guys mean so much to me (already have told Tony about all this ahah! And let's say the woman that sells the t-shirts helped me a little bit to say it!); it's the very first time in my life that I'm addicted so much to a band as much Live than outside the stage. When you had this smile on your face, my reaction was ... well... priceless once again!

And once again, this day have been the best of my life so far. I'm already looking toward your next appearence in Montréal.

Thanks again to have gladly taken my artworks!
Kiitos! :)

Rosme said...

What a nice show you did guys! I was there, and I just can't wait for you to come back in Montreal! Hope nice time you play even more songs. Love you all, continue like that, you're the best!!

Naty Ligeti said...

Woo first one! :D
I keep track of your blog, thank you for not missing a beat on it, im sure many people enjoy it as much as i do. A side note from this special day you describe...Marco in the background chilling sounds like a perfect day to me haha! Greetings from Chile, we await your comeback :)

Marynarctica said...

These drawing and painting are very great, especially the one at the top on the right =D And this " I'm smiling -_-" :P

Happy to see everythings' allright for you all.

Keep on making us dreaming!
Kisses from France,

Laury M. Dragon said...

Glad you liked that silly little drawing I made =) My Finnish was so bad, ahah.
The show was awesome, and so was Toronto's. And I got one your picks as a necklace now =)
I hope you have a great time for the rest of the tour!!


BlackNorion said...

Yeah! That was the most awesome show of my little life so far!

I came all the way from Quebec city to see you. That is not much when it comes to Sonata Arctica and Nightwish. I have to thank you for the great show you gave, it was a day to remember, Thank You!

Oh and by the way! I have a very special recorder that all Sonata's member signed last year, I would like you to sign it if you come to Quebec city again ! You are the only band member that is not on this recorder.

I use to play letter to Dana with that recorder, that is why I asked for The Autographs.