Sunday, September 7, 2008

Chicago, IL

6.9.08 Chicago, IL

Soitettiin House of Bluesissa ja täytyy sanoa, että oli kyllä hieno paikka. Muistaakseni helmikuussa meillä oli keikka San Diegon House Of Bluesissa. Oli kyllä mukava soittaakin, kun hommat toimi. Keikan jälkeen meitä odotti vuokraamamme limusiini. Tuli nähtyä Chicagoa. Välillä pysähdyttiin ottamaan kuvia. Chicago on kyllä aikas hieno kaupunki.

09/06/08 Chicago, IL

We played at House Of Blues. I must say it´s a really nice place. In February we played at San Diego´s HOB if I remember correct. It was nice to play because everything worked so nicely. After the show a limo waited for us. We decided to rent a limousine and have a little sightseeing..It was worth a while. Chicago is a really nice city.


Marìa Celeste said...

Great limousine..
Really nice!!!! =)
I am happy, you (and the band) are spending a great time there =)

dario said...

I am Argentine, they are the best band of the world, saludos.aguante the metal
Regards to all of the band


mirai_moon said...

Woooow 8-> XD !
Nice pictures!
You guys are cooool!
And, it looks gentle seem very happy :) .

Thank you very much for happy photographs and blog!
Very Very Happy :D !
Kiitos :) !!!!

Silverwolf said...

WOw, What a place that's so beautiful, Elias, you should have been one feet on the left on the picture!