Monday, September 29, 2008

New York, NY

27.9.08 New York, NY

Aamulla oli kurkku kipeä ja nokka vuosi eilisen vesisade episodin johdosta. Kävimme iltapäivällä jalottelemassa Times Squaren ympästössä. Soitimme Nokia Theater nimisessä paikassa ihan melkein Broadwayllä. No sehän sopi mainiosti. Suomalainen kuvausryhmä oli kuvaamassa meitä erääseen dokumenttiin. Oli mahtava soittaa Nykissä suurelle yleisölle. Keikan jälkeen iloiteltiin NW:n porukoiden kanssa. Kyllä siinä kurkkukivut alkoi unohtumaan...Huomenna meillä on sitten vielä oma keikka Rochesterissa ennen kuin päästään pitkästä aikaa kotiin.

09/27/08 New York, NY

In the morning I had a sore throat and my nose was running. It was due to yesterday´s rainy signing session. In the afternoon walked a bit in Times Square. We played at Nokia Theater which suited us perfectly, Nokia is from Finland, you know? There was one Finnish film crew shooting us to a documentary film. We had so much fun to play for a big crowd in New York. After the show we had a little party with NW. I forgot all about my sore throat. Tomorrow we have our own final headlining show in Rochester before head home.


Ritchy said...

Ooooh, do you know when the documentary film is coming out?

FirEdhel said...

Saw you guys in New York. Thank you so much for giving us such an amazing show! I went with a couple of friends to celebrate my birthday and while I was bummed that Nightwish wasn't playing, the night was still great. Come back soon!!


Khaos said...

I love you all!
Elias, a big hug from Brasil!
please come back in then ext tour (or hurry xP)
sorry the bad english!
thanks, guys!

Christiania said...

The documentary is called rautaa rajantaa. That's what the guy told us when we asked so that's about all I know. It's a whole thing about metal music from Finland. There's a ton of awesome history behind the name too if you look it up.

It was wonderful to see you in NY hon. I hope that you have fun and I will see you again sometime when new album comes out. :D