Monday, September 29, 2008

Rochester, NY

28.9.08 Rochester, NY

Kiertueen viimeinen keikka. Vieläkin oli hieman flunssainen olo. Iltapäivällä Tommy lennätti synttärilahjakseen saamaansa rakettia keikkapaikan vieressä sijaitsevalla jalkapallokentällä. Ei oikein hirveästi ehditty ajamaan kilpaa ralli-autoilla. Lahjoitin omani pois onnekkaalle fanille. Keikka oli suhteellisen pieni, mutta yleisö tykkäsi pirusti. Keikan aikana meidän crew oli pukeutunut peruukeihin ja tekoviiksiin. Hauskaa riitti. Tältä erää kiitos kaikille osallistuneille ja KIITOS! Erityisesti Nightwishille!!

09/28/08 Rochester, NY

The last show of the tour. Still was feeling a little bit cold(ish)…In the afternoon Tommy launched his mini rocket in a nearby football field. He got it as a birthday present. We didn´t have so much time to race with our RC-cars. I gave mine away to a one lucky fan. There wasn´t so many people in the audience, but they really seemed to like it. During our set our crew had a little surprise with wigs and mustaches.. We had plenty of fun!! So I´d like to thank all of you fans and the crew, and most of all Nightwish..Thank you, you´re AWESOME!!!


mirai_moon said...

Woooow 8-> !
Nice pictures :D !
It is coool!

The person who is covered of the wig is Amusing(Fun) :D !
It seems that you guys were able to spend it very happily :) .
It is very lucky :) .

Always thank you very much for happy photographs and blog!
Kiitos :) !!!!

mel said...

Oh My goodness I can't believe you really posted it. That is a night i wont forget and thanks again for the car, it's truely treasured. MY cuz wont forget taken that pix either.

Shiesu said...

Lucky girl the one of the car!! :)

Yesterday I bought my ticket to see you guys the 9th November in Spain, I hope to have luck too and see you after the gig, I want to take some pics with the most awesome band ever! =)

las fans said...


que polenta!